October 10, 2013


French designer Paul Menand, whose impressive work I featured in some of my previous posts, created this beautiful collection of mirrors called Parker. The line consists of three mirrors of different size and shape, which can adapt to any type of support. Thanks to the adjustable mount, you can attach them to different objects. The mirrors look particularly lovely as a grouping, but you can use them separately just as well. Love the nomadic versatility of this design. Wishlisted.


April 24, 2013


Modest Stool by French designer Paul Menand is a clever nesting design that follows the same principle as the one we saw in Menand’s Tripplette Chair, featured in one of my previous posts. Again, the piece can be used as a single stacked item or taken apart and function as three individual ones. The bottom and middle stools feature slots that allow to fit the components into each other. And the half pipe legs make the stacking process seamless. Watch the video after the break to see Modest Stool in action.


May 23, 2011

Triplette Chair by French designer Paul Menand takes the whole new approach to the stackable chair concept. Instead of nesting on top of each other, the chairs seamlessly interlock, creating functional sitting. This 3-in-1 design allows for more flexibility without costing you in space. Makes a lot of sense for those who has count square footage.