August 4, 2015


These cloud shaped cork boards by Design Ideas made me look. Small enough to fit any space, they can be perfect for a kids room, dorm, home office, or any other place where pinning things to the wall is appropriate. Made of naturally regenerative cork, these boards come in two sizes. Each has both double-sided foam tape and peel-and-stick magnets for hanging. Available for purchase here.


August 2, 2015

If you like to cook and do it often, you will looove this invention. Designers and cooking enthusiasts, Johannes Schreiter & Joseph Schreiter, created a perfect kitchen station. It combines a quality board with integrated containers. These containers can be used for utensils, your favorite ingredients, disposal, storage, you name it. And because all elements are seamlessly integrated to compliment each other, you achieve a perfect flow in your cooking. Genius. Watch a fun video above to see the product in action. Currently Kickstarting.


July 22, 2015


Having a major pegboard fetish, I couldn’t help noticing this beauty by New Zealand based studio George & Willy. It comes with various add-ons to help you create customizable and fun storage configurations. The piece is made from architectural grade plywood and comes in natural and white.

(via swissmiss)


July 20, 2015


Book & Hero bookend and Supershelf by studio Artori are clever inventions that hold your reading in place and create a cool effect of books suspended in the air. Double win. The optical illusion is achieved by a metal frame that holds the books, and a magnet that holds a figure. Available for purchase here.


May 22, 2015


Bruno is probably the smartest trash can in existence. Sleek and minimalist, it is filled with amazing tech: it has built-in charging and filter, hands free sensor, it even alerts you when it is time to take out the garbage or buy garbage bags. But the beast feature of all is the integrated vacuum, allowing you to sweep the floor and automatically deposit debris directly into the trash bag. Neat! See the piece in action after the break. Available for purchase here.


April 28, 2015


Every time spring arrives, so does my obsession with barbecued food, and with it, my quest for finding a perfect compact indoor/outdoor grill. These two serious contenders, Caliu and Terra, were created by the German design duo Bahí & Güell. Aesthetically appealing as they are compact, both pieces can be used in the tiniest of spaces. Assembled and disassembled in minutes, they can be stored neatly till the next grilling season. The Caliu model, which is a slightly bigger one, comes with several very clever attachments. Watch the video after the break to see them in action.


April 22, 2015


Remember Urbio? They came up with a new, even more user-friendly line, called Perch. The principle is the same as the previous system, only now the panels can be attached to the wall via damage-free Command Strips. Perfect for renters and power drill challenged. The storage containers vary in size, allowing you to build many configurations. Watch the video after the break to see the installation.


April 7, 2015


I know that kitchen gadgets are an obsession of mine, but only because of awesome inventions like this one. How can I possibly stay indifferent. Spredo, a cool little tool, designed by Avichai Tadmor, turns an ordinary corn eating moment into a delightful experience. The piece is comprised of two sections, one for butter, the other for salt. Spredo’s curved edge fits the shape of a cob beautifully. And, above all, it is made to look like a yellow submarine. Nice touch. Available for purchase here.


March 5, 2015


Renters, this is your lucky day. Remember the pain of never having a pendant lamp above the correct area and inability to fiddle with the electrics? This product puts an end to that pain. The Little Bishop ceiling hook, designed by Melbourne based studio Hunter & Richards allows you to hand any cord based pendant in any spot in your home instantly and without special tools. Genius. The product is currently Kickstarting.


February 9, 2015


This witty and fun shelving set has been designed by Italian studio Officina41. Inspired by the Do Not Disturb sign, these little shelves offer just a perfect space and function ratio for an entryway area. The set includes a hanger with valet tray, hanger with mirror and a hanger with a letter and key holder. You can combine them or use them individually, depending on your space limitations. The shelves are made from powder brushed metal and come in five colors: white, canary yellow, ferrari red, aqua green and ocean blue.