February 4, 2015


Golden Biscotti is my new Etsy love. Product designer Nicole Lehner, the creative force behind the brand, has taken simple everyday objects to new aesthetic heights. I especially like the desk organizer, pictured above. All objects are handmade in Switzerland, from natural materials without using any toxic dyes. Wishlisted and giftlisted.


January 21, 2015


Shoebox kitchens require hardworking tools and aesthetic vision to be livable, and this item from Makoto Koizumi has both. This porcelain stacking set of tools includes a mortar with pestle, a ginger/garlic/zest grater, a citrus juicer, and a storage canister (that also acts as a ladle holder). It could also be used as an elegant prep tool at a dinner table. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. Available for purchase here.


January 7, 2015


I am a kitchen gadgeteer, and this item by studio Caveman Factory, made me reach for my wallet like nothing else. Anton Strainer Bowl is a very cool idea. It sits on your counter without mixing with dirty dishes and sink bacteria. The specific shape of the piece allows you to submerge your veg in water (a trick to removing pesticides) without using another dish. The strainer is quite a looker, so you can even serve your food in it. A great hardworking item for a small kitchen. Sold here.


November 21, 2014


The adorableness of this concept is hard to pass by. The laser-engraved storage boxes by Karen Olze and Gisa Wilkens bring a new dimension to organizing small things. Photoprints on birchwood disclose the inhabitants of these storage boxes – and give a reference, what to put in there. Documents belong to the secretary, photos will be received by the gallery owner and the warehouse man will take care of all the bits and pieces tending to lounge around everywhere. A great gift idea. Available for purchase here.


November 12, 2014


I am a big fan of Native Union‘s innovative designs. But my favorite, by far, is this charging solution, called Night Cable. The piece is a clever response to two problems we’ve all encountered with charging cables – length and slipperiness. This cable is long enough to give you range around your desk, bed, kitchen, and so forth. Another neat idea is a weighted knot that lets the Night Cable stay fixed at the given location. No more crawling under the table, no more dropped phones at night. Available for purchase here.


November 3, 2014


This aesthetically pleasing planter/desk organizer has been created by Italian design center Fabrica. Designers researched the ways our minds operate when we’re at our desks, and they concluded, that a healthy distraction is needed in order to stay productive. And plans are a natural and non-toxic way to create such a distraction. “The plants, nestled in ceramic pots, balance in a metal structure supported by a stone base, – designers explain, – The two halves represent the physical and mental wellbeing that make us whole. We think of it as a gentle reminder to keep balance in your working life.” The planter swings a little when touched, providing a simple way to switch focus. The indentations on the base can hold your pens, pencils, notes and other small objects.


October 7, 2014

For all you espresso nerds out there – here is a perfectly brewed shot wherever you are. Minipresso is a compact manual espresso maker, that takes less space than a regular coffee mug. Perfect for the office, camping, travel, and, of course, tiny city apartments. Available for purchase here.

September 13, 2014


If you’re tired of looking for your remote all the time, consider this – Kangaroo cushion from Objected Systems. One side of the cushion is equipped with beautiful wallet-like sleeve pockets. You can use them for your remotes, papers, magazines, notepads, you name it. A perfect way to keep everything, including your couch, organized.


September 9, 2014


Wondering how to tame the constant overflow of small objects on your desk? The .Org Deskscape System by Seattle-based company Ladies & Gentlemen Studio appears to be a great solution for that. The set comes with 4 different components with each module designed be tiled together to create a tidy desk landscape that can be configured in various ways. The modularity of the system is especially useful if your desk space is limited. The pieces are constructed of solid wood, cork, and metal. Each module is crafted in small batches in the USA and finished with natural danish oil.



Urban gardeners out there will appreciate this little product. Cynara by Italian studio Bulbo is a small adjustable light that enhances growth of your plants. Fitted with LED and incredibly energy-efficient (7 watt, as the router of the wifi), the lamp features a terracotta lampshade and an aluminum rode that can be placed directly into your planter. You can also hang Cynara over your plants via its cord. Simple and brilliant.