August 15, 2013


A big part of the appeal of Apple products is their streamlined design. However, if our workspace is cluttered – the minimalist effect is nulled. Bind is a new noteworthy Kickstarter project that offers a very simple and clever solution. This acrylic fame is designed to keep your keyboard and track-pad aligned while you’re working. And when the work is done – simply attach it to the back of your iMac monitor for easy storage. Bind keeps your desktop organized, and allows you to discretely store (and charge) your accessories and additional devices. Watch the video to see how this product works and pledge to get yours.


August 9, 2013


Swiss company Victorinox understands cooking process. Their new creation, knife and table block, is ideal for multitasking in a small space. Made from natural wood, the piece has a shelf, that displays your tablet, eBook, cookbook or manual at the ideal viewing angle. The swivel base easily rotates, so you can alternate between selecting knives and reading recipes. Available for purchase through Fancy.


August 6, 2013

The Bivi bike hook is yet another bicycle storage option to consider. I love how minimal and no-nonsense it is – just a steel plate and a single hook. The rack attaches directly to the wall or to the end of a Bivi bench. Watch the video to see how simple the installation procedure is. Purchase here.

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August 5, 2013


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

The JosephJoseph Nest 100 takes the company’s award-winning series of nested kitchen implements to a new level. Made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel and sleek black ABS, this set of nine nesting food preparation tools is crafted for exceptional durability and visual luxury.

Take the set of nested bowls apart and enjoy a great deal of utility. Stack them together and that utility compresses into a minimal amount of space. Each two mixing bowls with non-slip bases (4.75 qt and .5 qt), a fine mesh stainless steel strainer (1.74 qt), a stainless steel colander (3.17 qt), and a set of five black measuring cups ranging from 1/6 to 1 cup sizes. Dishwasher safe. Purchase here.


July 30, 2013


This sculpturesque storage system from Alberto Villarreal is a beauty. A refreshing combination of walnut and cement paired with the bow-tie pattern creates a lovely effect. You can stack the elements on top of each other or position them horizontally, if your space allows it. Litos storage system can be used for displaying wine, plants or any small items.


July 21, 2013


The biggest issue with the most filing systems out there – they tend to look like something you lifted from your office. Not terribly elegant. So, I’ve been in search for something lightweight and easy on the eye and stumbled on this item from Italian brand Magis Design. XX file holder is a modular and stackable storage piece. Stylish X-shaped frame holds your folders in perfect visibility, which promotes tidiness and systematic approach to filing. The frames can be combined into various configurations. You can use one or two units to store files on your desktop, or stack them vertically in multiples to capture those bits of left-over space that would otherwise not get used. Made of polypropylene with connecting elements of anodized aluminum. Each unit comes with six file folders, label holders and labels. Sold here.


July 19, 2013


This low key multifunctional piece has been created by Norwegian design duo Ane Domaas and Kathrine Høgh of Domaas/Høgh. The Blu glass flips over to reveal an indentation for placing a candle. Simple and clever. Designers explain: “In the current society where we live in smaller living space it is necessary with products that have multiple functions.” Blu comes in several sizes. The bigger volumes can serve as vases. Available colors are gray, blue, white and transparent.


July 9, 2013

PalaceEditor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

Unique, functional, modular and playful, the Palace tableware collection from Seletti was designed by Alessandro Zambelli. Among the pieces making up this miniature city are towers, palazzos, villas – even a baptistry. Setting a table has rarely been so much fun, or creative. Plates, bowls, glasses, soup and cheese containers disguised as architecture are all stackable, beautifully shaped and decorated in the classic style of the Italian Renaissance. There’s even a collection of cutlery in the shape of old keys to top it off.

The Palace Collection is especially suited for environments where space is at a premium, since sets can be placed on shelves or tabletops as attractive display pieces when not in use, rather than have to be stored inside cabinets. Decoration and function unite in a seamless whole.

Made in Italy from Dolomite Porcelain. Purchase here.


July 5, 2013


Russian design duo Anna and Maxim Maximov of Maximovich Design studio created this witty accessory – the Pointer Here. It separates and accentuates the area where all your important items are. An ideal entryway companion, Pointer Here acts as a physical highlighter for your keys, wallet, gizmos, ID cards and more. How cool is that? The piece comes in red, yellow and black. Watch the video after the break to see it in more detail.


June 12, 2013


Grapple hanging system by Ryan Frank is another noteworthy Kickstarter project running at the moment. This unusual suspension storage idea is space-saving and cool. It is also highly eco-conscious. The bio-plastic hooks are made of Agriplast, which is an innovative material made from grass mixed with a small amount of plastic. I also like the crane-inspired design of the hooks. Grapple can hold clothing, bike gear, plants and more. Pledge here to get yours.