April 7, 2014


Ludovica lamp, created by Italian design duo Zanocchi & Starke, is a lamp and a a bookend in one. The piece is comprised of two independent parts: a painted aluminum frame and and a removable lighting element in opaque white plastic. The light is battery operated, so you take it from the base and place it anywhere you need soft diffused illumination. And the best part – this lighting element can be recharged from your computer via a simple USB. I also really like the matching red cable. The piece fill be presented at the Tortona Around Design exhibition, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week.


February 19, 2014


Netherlands based designer Roderick Vos came up with this brilliant hybrid. Bucketlight is a pendant lighting fixture on one side and a planter on the other. The need for this piece was born from the love for greenery and the lack of floor space in designer’s office. Having proven itself useful in a commercial environment, Bucketlight can be a good idea for a small dwelling by the same token. It takes no floor or counter space, it provides more light without adding any cordage clutter, and it brings a little jungle into an urban home. What’s not to love. The lamp is available for purchase from designer’s website.

(via mocoloco)


February 10, 2014


This witty idea belongs to Swedish designer Ola Giertz. The simplistic Clamp lamp, produced by lighting brand Oriva, can be attached to many different types of furniture easily. Inspired by a classic clothespin, the piece bears a familiar form and offers an equally familiar function. Just clamp it to any shelf or edge and let there be light.

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January 21, 2014


The gimmicky name of this piece says it all – Put Baby In The Corner lamp fits perfectly in every corner and every niche. Powder coated aluminum provides the necessary lightness, the removable cover gives the lamp its color. Beautiful. The piece has been designed by German studio Scharp Inc. Produktdesign. It comes in two sizes and four colors.

(via design milk)


January 13, 2014


This ingenious little light, called Skipper, has been created by German company Toshi. The beauty of this piece lies in its simplicity. A single piece of metal is shaped in such a way that it holds a book and a light bulb at the same time. Just stick it on a shelf, turn on the power switch, and you’re done. Skipper comes in white, copper, steel and black. There is a shelf and a bookend variety to choose from. Great idea!


January 10, 2014


LiliLite is a combination of a lighting fixture, shelf and bookmark, created by Amsterdam based studio Smeets Design. This witty object can blend seamlessly with any style, and it’s perfect for any corner. The operation of the light is intuitive and fun. Pull your book from the wooden peak to turn the lamp on. Set your tome down to turn it off. Brilliant. Watch the video after the break to see how LiliLite functions in an interior. The piece is available for purchase here.


November 20, 2013


I find this item to be absolutely delightful (and not only because of my book fetish). Ideal for small and dynamic urban dwellings, Lumio by Max Gunawan is a portable, rechargeable, and powerful little light. Disguised as a book, it unfolds to reveal a warm high-performing LED lamp. You can take it with you to bed, outside of your apartment, use it as an alternative light source for dark areas, as a desk lamp, as a pendant… The possibilities are endless. And to recharge the battery, simply attach it to your computer or an outlet via USB charger. Available in three colors, Lumio is big enough to light a dinner party and compact enough to fit a small bag. Brilliant. Watch the video after the break to see the product in action.


November 15, 2013



I love it when designers take an inherently cheap and banal material and just by virtue of an idea turn it into something exquisite. This is the case with Fly – a stunning pendant lamp, created by Finnish designer Susan Elo. The lightweight polypropylene structure of the piece shows delicate, origami-like simplicity. The lamp is designed to work with low-impact halogen bulbs. It is a part of a permanent collection of the Finnish Design Museum. A beauty…


November 8, 2013


Here is a nice concept for those of us who live in rental buildings and can’t be very creative with electrics. The Loop Lamp, envisioned by Romanian designer Pani Jurek, can be attached to any available outlet and brought over any, even distant, surface. The 23′ cord will allow you to hang the lamp under the ceiling or as a sconce fixture on the wall. You can also move with the light to another room. What a lovely idea! The cord is available in black and yellow, the bulb socket comes in black, white, raspberry red and denim blue.


September 16, 2013


Plumen Drop Cap pendant lamp is a minimalist lighting fixture that turns a lightbulb into a focal point. The special energy saving Plumen bulb is a thing of beauty in itself. The Drop Cap covers the lamp holder and the upper part of the bulb, framing the glass tubes of this bulb perfectly. The set comes with a cap and canopy, and matching fabric cable 6 1/2 feet (2 m) long. It can be attached to just about any ceiling and the cable can be adjusted in length as needed. The piece looks equally stunning as a single fixture or in clusters. Available for purchase here.