September 19, 2013


This product has been born as an answer to our daily frustrating task of looking for keys and essentials. The Butterfly hook by Copenhagen based studio Makers With Agendas is a great addition to an entryway area. The dual function allows you to hang your clothes while keeping all your small items handy. Light and unpretentious, the piece is made of powder coated steel. It comes in ten colors and two sizes. Available for purchase through designers’ website


August 28, 2013


The Sepia hook, designed by Berlin-based studio e27 for Pulpo, is an expandable piece. Completely flat when you don’t need it, stretched into a dynamic 3D form when you do. Thanks to its curves, Sepia can accommodate several hangers at the same time.  Many points for space saving right there! It is made of powder coated steel and can withstand 4,5 lb.


June 12, 2013


Grapple hanging system by Ryan Frank is another noteworthy Kickstarter project running at the moment. This unusual suspension storage idea is space-saving and cool. It is also highly eco-conscious. The bio-plastic hooks are made of Agriplast, which is an innovative material made from grass mixed with a small amount of plastic. I also like the crane-inspired design of the hooks. Grapple can hold clothing, bike gear, plants and more. Pledge here to get yours.


March 15, 2013


There is a lot to love about the Stacking lamp by William McDonald – it’s fun, clever and beautifully customizable. The piece is composed of colorful stacking elements placed over a wooden dowel. By varying the four available components you can create a lamp, a coat hanger or a space saving combination of the two. You also have a choice between placing the lamps shades down for reading or up for ambient lighting.

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March 13, 2013


Thse fun hooks are a creation of London based studio Thabto (which wittily stands for Two Heads Are Better Than One). They are merged with pegs for added storage, what an excellent idea. Even if you are not affected by the peg fetish (I so am…) – you’ll see many uses for these hooks. Put them in your entryway area and hang your coats while simultaneously storing your mail, or attach them to your fridge or any metal surface (each Jpaeg is fitted with magnets). Perfect for a tea towel and all those take-out menus. Available for purchase here.


March 7, 2013


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cabby hooks. They elevate our stuff off the surface, they are gentle to our textiles and they look fun. On this occasion they also come in different sizes and shapes. Angolo hooks by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani for Parisian brand Moustache made me look. These wall-mounted colorful packets allow you to store keys, change, devices and other small items, while large things like coats, jackets and scarves can be hung over the tops. Simple and useful, great for small entryways. Angolo hooks are made from powder coated metal and come in verious colors and shapes.

(via dezeen)


November 28, 2012

If you have a peg obsession (I must confess – I do) – you will enjoy this project by Paris based studio Swabdesign. These oversized peg-shaped hooks, called Pince Alops, are a celebration of the good old hanging device. Colorful and fun, they can be used in any room of the house. And even outdoors (the product is water resistant). I can see them holding clothes, towels, toys, utensils, picture frames, papers and much more. A simple idea, beautifully applied.


November 27, 2012

Cologne based design studio Jung | Dynamisch | Sylt created these two beautiful and useful entryway items. Both pieces are hadcrafted from solid alder wood or solid acacia wood. The wardrobe includes a shelf, hooks for handbags and clothes, one small slot for keys and another, bigger one, for large hangable things. The bike rack elevates your transport and provides a home for your books, small entryway essentials and whatnots. The pieces are minimal and slick, looking more like tripods that storage. Great idea for small (or nonexistent) entryway areas.

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October 24, 2012

This multifunctional entrance item made me look. Robin Wood by French brand WA.DE.BE combines a small shelf, hooks for clothes and accessories, lighting, a tray for loose change, keys and/or mail and a small mirror. All these essentials in one compact item.  Designers call the piece a “swiss army knife” of entryway storage, which is more than fair. Robin Wood is made of solid oak and comes in two sizes.

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October 11, 2012

This minimal and clever coat rack reminded me of Veronika Wildgruber’s Wardrope. The idea is very similar, so are the space-saving qualities, making both of these items ideal for small space dwellings. The Roberope coat rack can be suspended from the ceiling and, thanks to its soft but sturdy hooks, can hold clothing, bags, accessories or just about anything suitable for hanging. Thanks to its neutral design and extremely modest space demands the rack can serve as flexible storage in any room of the house. Comes in a variety of bold colors.

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