February 3, 2011

Combining sitting and book storage is a popular game these days, and here is another impressive effort in this direction. The Ransa sofa, designed by Younes Duret studio, consists of a sit elevated above the book shelves. The piece not only has the obvious space-saving capabilities, but also provides a pleasing book display. Ransa is big enough for an average person to lie down, which makes it a proper couch, designed for an avid bookworm. The piece only exists as a concept, but when put into production, it will surely find many fans.

January 24, 2011

More news from the Cologne 2011. This unusual piece earned its creator Hanna Emelie Ernsting the second place in this year’s [D3] Talents Competition. Moody couch got its name for its ability to take and retain many shapes. The transformation is achieved thanks to the extended textile cover, which can be draped around the base in many different ways. A high quality cotton upholstery is reinforced by wadding, making the material more luxurious and also able to hold the desired form. Thus, the object can respond to changes in environment and user’s emotional state. The designer calls this concept – ‘form follows moods.’ By detaching cover from the base and giving it freedom, Ernsting created a piece of furniture that is as flexible as fabric. A couch that can wrap around you after a long day – who would not like that…

Source: Dezeen