January 30, 2013

Hanger Chair

There are no two things in higher demand in the house than seats and hangers. Imagine combining these highly useful items in one. Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin is a cool and unexpected hybrid – half furniture and half closet accessory. The idea came when designer realized that  “when space is an issue an object such as a folding chair will clutter up the precious available space.” So he figured out how to make a folding chair serve us even when not in use – put it to work in your closet. Why couldn’t I think of that…

(via designrulz)


January 25, 2011

This little folding chair was created by the Finish born and Paris based designer Elisa Honkanen, who proved once again that even inexpensive, utilitarian and temporary things can add delight to our lives. Hasta chair consists of two components – folding tripod and a cotton cover, which resembles kids ‘tell the fortune’ paper game. The beauty of the piece comes from its lightness and naive, even childlike simplicity. But in fact, to achieve the effect, the designer had to experiment a lot with textures and proportions. The piece is currently on show at the Making Of exhibition in Paris.