August 2, 2011

An object isn’t generous enough if it only performs one function. And we, urban folks, living in tiny apartments, are especially in need of clever, multifunctional objects. Luckily designers are happy to oblige. Here is an interesting project by Hsiang Wang, called Complete Me, Please! and comprised of three pieces: a broom and dustpan / rubbish bin combination (my personal favorite), a lamp with an integrated fly swatter, and a coat rack with hooks that double as shoehorns.

Here is how the designer explains his vision: ‘Not all objects are easy to store as people might expect. People have no idea how to deal with some objects even though they are useful utensils. The aim of this project is create a series of objects related to the household environment which combine two individual utensils into a single appliance. Each must be bi-functional, pertain to a mutually beneficial relationship, and provide a home for the two component products.’

March 14, 2011

These minimalist side tables, called Abra, were created by Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher for the Italian brand B-Line. Available in two sizes, they interlock to create an elegant and functional double-top configuration. When taken apart, the pieces can be used as two stand-alone side tables. Simple, clever and flexible design… Abra is made of scratch-proof pained steel and comes in two colors.