May 9, 2014


How neat is this? A shelving unit that doubles as a dining table. This unusual fir-and-iron piece swivels in place to rotate between these two functions. Good idea for storing your dishes and other dining paraphernalia and using them when a dinner party occurs. Available for purchase here.


April 2, 2014


This exciting new shelving system is a creation of the Bangkok based design studio THINKK. They took a simple wooden stackable construction and jazzed it up with corrugated metal sheets. These metal elements can be inserted into wooden surfaces via special slits. They can serve as screens, dividers, even additional horizontal shelves, making this modular system very efficient. The modules are available in natural oak or in a variety of colored stains. The perforated sheets come in several colors, allowing you to contrast or compliment any of the wooden bases. Clever.


March 5, 2014


This versatile little shelf has been created by young designers Tadej Podakar and Luka Fabjan, together – studio TRIpike. The piece consists of adjustable wooden elements that provide slots for books, artwork, clothes and various small items. Thanks to its artistically cut edges, the shelf looks good even when completely empty. A great hybrid of storage and wall decoration.

(via design-milk)


January 27, 2014


I’m very impressed with this peg and rack system by Swiss designer Christoph Goechnahts. Modular and unobtrusive, it allows you to hang things around the walls all over your apartment.  The rails have notches at regular intervals, into which wedge-shaped pegs are inserted. The pegs can accommodate coats, bags, umbrellas or any other items that usually clutter your space. You can even put a bookshelf on top of those pegs, and who doesn’t need another bookshelf… The piece has already scored first place at the 2014 [D3] contest for young designers. It’s easy to see why.

(via dornob)


January 21, 2014

Multichuck_by hafriko 14_1000

With this piece you can really let your artistic flag fly. Created by Munich based designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, the Chuck shelf is an attempt to introduce freedom and individuality to storage. The shelf consists of six planks of wood that are lifted individually in order to display your favorite items. Aside from being cool and sculpturesque, the item is practical too. You can accommodate books and things of various height easily and achieve the capacity you need. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action. The Chuck shelf is now on sale here.


December 27, 2013


Stockwerk by German designer Meike Harde is a clever transformable object, reminiscent of a compressible paper model. A flat pack piece, the shelf requires no assembly. It arrives folded up. All you need to do is to find a spot for it and unravel the structure. The system is self-stabilizing via the mitre-chamfer on the side wall edges. Thanks to its foldable components, the shelf can be configured to take as much or as little space as you need. The shelves can be adjusted in height. What a great idea! Stockwerk shelf is available in two sizes.

 (via designboom)


November 27, 2013


London based designer James Tattersall creates simple and elegant designs, one of which I’ve featured in this blog. His other creation, Hook Shelf, is a clever way to add storage to the entryway without adding the clutter. The piece is a combination of a bookshelf, clothing hooks and a drawer. The elements coexist harmoniously in this beautifully crafted object. The shelf is only 27” wide, which makes it a great contender for a small apartment.

(via themag)


September 25, 2013


This multifunctional shelf, aptly called Nomad, has been created by studio VE2 for the Danish furniture brand Skagerak. Elegant and understated, Nomad can be used in any room. You can easily move it around and change its function with supplementary shelves and hooks. The piece has won the The Formland Design Award in 2012. Available for purchase here.


August 21, 2013


This simple and stylish shelf mirror made me look. Comprised of two interlocking parts, it can be assembled in seconds and disassembled again for storage and transportation. Love the angular shape of the piece. The wooden hook is also a nice touch. Available for purchase from Golden Biscotti.


July 24, 2013


a_Books shelf by German design studio linea1 is a beautiful minimalist way to store and display your reading and DVDs. The essence of these shelves is in their absence. The thinnest steel-sheet is bent to a resistant form. The geometry of the folded sheet metal makes a shadow that hides the mounting detail, creating a seamless blend with the wall. So, all you see is your precious tomes. The piece holds approximately 40 books (up to 15.6 cm of depth) and pocket-books or 46 DVDs. Sold here.