March 7, 2013


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cabby hooks. They elevate our stuff off the surface, they are gentle to our textiles and they look fun. On this occasion they also come in different sizes and shapes. Angolo hooks by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani for Parisian brand Moustache made me look. These wall-mounted colorful packets allow you to store keys, change, devices and other small items, while large things like coats, jackets and scarves can be hung over the tops. Simple and useful, great for small entryways. Angolo hooks are made from powder coated metal and come in verious colors and shapes.

(via dezeen)


February 21, 2013


There is a lot to love about this modular shelving system by Norman Hadler. It is lightweight, easy to install and made to fit any space, big or small. Innovative lap joints create stable, aesthetically-pleasing configurations of horizontal and vertical plywood panels. The shelf is just as easy to take apart for moving and storage. And if your space requirements change you can purchase additional panels to accommodate it. The panels come in different sizes, which lets your to expand the variety of design and planning possibilities. Watch the video after the break to see Skalor in action.


February 12, 2013


What would a shelving system look like if playful customization was its main objective? This question was posed by Danish design studio KiBiSi, and the answer came to them in a form of an architectural bookshelf, called Slice. The main feature of the system is a slice of plywood. In assembly the slices fit together for individual display, which allows for optimum flexibility of the system and makes it adaptable to any, even small or awkward space.


February 1, 2013


HangUp is an adaptable shelf, designed by Moritz Putzier for Müller Möbelwerkstätten. Designer embraced the nessesity of change in our urban lives and created an item that can be easily applied to many situations. Thanks to the variety of sizes and simplicity of the mounting process (one nail is all it takes to mount the shelf), HangUp can fit any space and multiple storage needs. You also have a choice between shelves and metal boxes – equally easily attached to the main structure. Watch the video to see the piece in action.

(via stilsucht)


January 25, 2013


This beautifully minimal shelf, called The Small “b”, has been created by Hamburg based designer Holon ID. The solid oak wooden frame is combined with the stainless steel mounting brackets. These brackets becomes invisible once the shelf is filled with books. As the result the books and the frame seem to be floating in the air. What a cool idea! There are 12 modular sizes available, so whatever your reading preferences are – artbooks, enciclopedias or paperbacks – The Small “b” will fit them all.

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January 22, 2013


Thanks To The Tree is a creative collaboration between designer David Boon and carpenter De Lappen. And this cool and clever Print Cupboard (love the bookshelf feature!) is their first love child. When you order the piece you have a choice of 10 unique prints. Thus, each cupboard is special. “TTTT seeks minimal pressure on the environment and works only with local woods and natural products. – designers say, – The furniture and objects are made by hand individually and in small editions to endure the test of time. In this way, the fun you will experience will also be very durable.”


January 17, 2013


The Klaffi-hylly (clapperboard) shelf by Finland based studio ELSA is a multifunctional and adaptable item. This shelving system is built with small spaces in mind, it allows you to fold the shelves you are not using and slim the unit down. Klaffi-hylly can fit many storage needs, you can use it for magazines, books, DVDs, CDs, cookbooks, dishes, collectibles… It can also work well as a bedside table/shelving unit or an entryway item. The piece comes in solid oak, ash and white birch and is available in natural, black, white, orange and light blue finishes.


January 15, 2013


Verso Shelf is a minimalist and versatile piece, created by Finland-based designer Mikko Halonen for furniture brand One Nordic. Slick and transparent, the piece allows you to store (and display) things without physical and visual clutter. The shelf comes with three magazine stands, which can be attached to any of the ladders of the shelf, at the height you prefer. Thanks to this clever addition, you can use Verso for clothes, accessories or whatever comes into mind. The piece is available in two sizes and three colors – black, white and natural wood. Check out the video after the break to see what a snap it is (literally) to assemble the product.


January 11, 2013


How adorable is this? The Hold On Tight shelf by Colleen & Eric features two built-in bookends – one fixed and one moving. The idea that is both cute and sensible. Designers elaborate: “Your books are no longer in danger of toppling over. Over-sized wing-nut allows bookend to slide into place and be secured wherever it’s needed.” The shelf comes in beech, walnut and oak, covered with water based stain and all natural shellac finish. The aluminum cube and wing-nut are powder-coated.


January 3, 2013


LLSTOL, a heart-warming furniture success story, was born as an experiment in ergonomics in a small workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After several prototypes the two L-shaped objects were created. These two L-s have become perfect components for making up chairs, benches, coffee tables, shelving units and much more. The versatile concept was then successfully Kickstarted and produced by a local chair factory called STOL & STOL (hence the name). Now LLSTOL is available for purchase. Great, isn’t it? Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.