December 19, 2012


Dividing rooms with shelves is every shoebox dweller’s natural decorative reflex. And many designers today cater to this universal need for zoning and storage. Divider, and interesting item by Danish designer Mieke Maijer, has caught my eye. Looking a bit like a neat scaffolding, the piece is delicate and transparent. You can regulate your privacy level simply by filling the shelves. Based on a classic Lattice structural principle, the shelves are lightweight and sturdy enough to span upwards and forwards. Divider consists of thin oak slats connected by steel plates, which give it a cool industrial look. The product is modular and fully customizable. Within the Divider system variations in height, length, depth, composition, form, color and material are possible. You can also choose between open and closed shelves by adding panels and boxes.


November 19, 2012

It’s that time of year again when small thoughtful items are in high demand. This little floating shelf can be considered a great gift to someone who is struggling with limited entryway space. Plank by iLoveHandles can hold your phone, wallet, glasses and other essential whatnots. The magnetic underside is perfect for your keys. The installation process is a 3-step breeze (described on the box the shelf comes in). Lovely.


October 15, 2012

This flexible bookcase, called Squaring, has been created by Korean designer Lee Sehoon. The piece is comprised of nine square units that are hinged together in a circle. Thanks to this unusual contraction, Squaring can expand from the initial neat grid mode to a number of dynamic shapes, thus increasing its storing capacity. It is also interesting to observe how unequal wight distribution changes the appearance of the bookcase, making it an interactive object, capable of unexpected transformation. Check out the video after the break to see Squaring in action.


October 3, 2012

Whenever Keiji Ashizawa comes up with a new item – I’m always excited. For those who don’t remember – I featured some of his works in my previous posts. I love the simplicity, beautiful craftsmanship and mobility of his designs. This piece, called Bon Drawer, is no exception. The object is comprised of five drawers that double as trays (the closest translation of the word Bon). These trays are removable and can be used to carry and display the items inside. The metal frame is equipped with two small wheels and a handle for easy movement. The Bon Drawer can be taken completely apart for storage. I can see it being an ideal companion for a desk. Wishlisted.


September 27, 2012

96° shelf system by Germany-based designer Karoline Fesser is a successful attempt to break the routine of conventional shelving. Each of the basic elements – base, box and cover – follows an angle of 96 degrees (hence the name). “Stackable into each other the elements mount up to a shelf by an alternate layering. Interlocking edges and cuts allow an easy and stable stacking without any additional fixtures,” – designer explains. The modules come in various colors, allowing to create personalized palette.


September 17, 2012

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

Did you know the word “tetrad” refers to a shape made up of four contiguous squares? And that the inventor of the computer game Tetris came up with the name by combining this word with that of his favorite sport, tennis? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t – we only learned this piece of trivia when we were introduced to the Tetrad Flat Shelving System by Bravespace.

Tetrad is a modular storage and display solution consisting of five independent shelving units, each in a different tetrad configuration. Thanks to their interlocking geometry the units can be arranged in a variety of ways, and multiple sets can be combined to form larger shelving pieces.

Like many reconfigurable design pieces, Tetrad works well in small spaces because it allows you arranging the modules to get the most out of your available wall or floor space. And its economical 9-inch shelf depth provides just the right amount of surface for display and storage without encroaching on valuable real estate.

Units are assembled with metal backs in multicolor or white and wood veneer sides in maple or white. Made to order in the USA.


September 14, 2012

My fellow countrymen Moscow based design studio Dopludo Collective created Nenuphar – gorgeous modular shelving. The piece looks rather exiguous and airy, but don’t be fooled by this appearance. The unit is as stable as can be thanks to its clever weight distribution. Inspired by organic forms, the eight movable shelves can be rearranged to create various configurations. And thin metal support strips create negative space around your storage. The shelving surfaces are quite spacious for all kinds of things (perfect for greenery, if you ask me). And storing a lot while staying aesthetically pleasing - isn’t that what we all want from a storage piece…


August 13, 2012

Who can resist a clever flatpack item? Not me. Especially if it is as beautiful as this one. The Wired shelf by Siyuan Zhang  uses a metal elastic connection as the main source for keeping the wooden assembly together. The string provides tention between the parts, keeping them tightly together. It also allows to use fewer components and avoid gluing things together – both great achievements. So there you have it – an aesthetically pleasing, smart piece that can enhance any room. Watch the video to see what a breeze the assembly is…

(via designboom)


August 3, 2012

Some of you might remember German designer Florian Gross and his awesome Konnex Shelf System (which is still one of my favorite modular storage products of all time). He hasn’t been idle. He emailed to tell about his new enterprise – StudioApart – created in collaboration with Barcelona based designer Kike Macías; and a beautiful new design – Andamino Shelf. The piece is a modular shelving system, which was inspired by traditional Indian scaffolding. No tools or hardware is needed for the assembly of the unit. Each shelf is adjusted to the appropriate height to cover different functions, the width is expandable too. The Andamio Shelf is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The project is going to be unveiled at the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt, August 24-28.


July 23, 2012

This minimalist shelf by Carme Pinós studio caught my eye. Made out of 2mm thick piece of steel, the Moni shelf is folded and attached to the wall, creating multiple configurations. The piece reminds me of Umbra’s famous Conceal shelf. Here too – the storage becomes visually overtaken by the stored items. “Moni’s receptacle form facilitates easy storage of books and objects, and takes on a weightless appearance as the number of books grows.” – designers explain. The piece is available in three depths – 20cm-25cm-30cm, and two finishes – vanished and coated.