February 18, 2014


The Inlandsis desk is collaborative effort of two French designers Mathilde Roman and Pauline Androlus. Inspired by glaciers (hence the name), the piece features the cluster of pegs of different height, which not only creates an interesting visual landscape, but also provides clever storage. You can use the pegs to hold various papers and files, display photographs, even hang things. Another interesting storage idea, implemented in this project, is the flexible textile pocket underneath the desktop. You can use it for books, tablets, even a laptop. I love how unobtrusive and intuitive this storage is. It conquers clutter without any aesthetic sacrifices.


February 12, 2014


Hi Bench is a clever low key object that any entryway can use. Created by the young American designer Bridget Sheehan, it brings simplicity and function into the space it occupies. The piece provides a spot to hold your keys, shoes, spare change, and umbrella. There is also a space to sit down to tie your shoes. Hi Bench is made from Loll HDPE – a durable waterproof plastic, which makes it low maintenance as well. Great idea!


February 4, 2014


This beautiful minimalist piece has been created by German designer Felix Stark. Weightless and neutral, the secretary desk can fit in any corner and blend with any style – a great idea for a small apartment. In spite of its size and transparent design, the desk provides ample storage. And thanks to the hidden compartment on the back, it reduces cable clutter as well.


January 30, 2014

Capture One 26798.tif

The Nubo desk, created by Copenhagen-based design studio GamFratesi, has been inspired by vintage Air France luggage of the 60s. Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, the piece is a perfect contender for a small apartment. It provides enough room for a laptop or occasional filing. In its open state, Nubo features a functional work surface equipped with a cable slit and a retaining bar for documents. When closed, it turns into a pin board.


January 29, 2014

As a gal, I’m very excited about this design. Tabeau dressing table by Belgium-based designer Nicole Brock is comprised of volumes and materials that are connected by magnets. You can combine them in various ways to fit your space and your habits. It can be sat up as a console (some women prefer standing while performing their beauty routine) or as a classic vanity table. The piece is easy to put together and take apart. It even has a little detachable suitcase that can be taken to other destinations. Wishlisted.


January 28, 2014


Roll is a versatile piece designed for children’s rooms by Danish company Utzon Kids. Playful and interactive, it transforms into many different shapes. One minute, it’s a chair, then a lounger, and next a little cave to hide in. Thanks to its ability to change shape and purpose, Roll can help children to develop their creative sides and motor skills. It can grow with its owner too. When the age of pillow castles is over, Roll can be upcycled into a lounge chair or a pouf.


January 27, 2014


I’m very impressed with this peg and rack system by Swiss designer Christoph Goechnahts. Modular and unobtrusive, it allows you to hang things around the walls all over your apartment.  The rails have notches at regular intervals, into which wedge-shaped pegs are inserted. The pegs can accommodate coats, bags, umbrellas or any other items that usually clutter your space. You can even put a bookshelf on top of those pegs, and who doesn’t need another bookshelf… The piece has already scored first place at the 2014 [D3] contest for young designers. It’s easy to see why.

(via dornob)


January 21, 2014


No two workspaces are alike, because working process is such a unique experience. That’s why a customizable desk is always a good idea. This one, envisioned by San Francisco based designer Francois Dransart, features so many storage ideas at once, anyone can find a comfortable setting. Perfect for OCD sufferers like me. The piece integrates lighting, boxes, trays, felt pockets, even a headphone stand. And you can be very neato with your cables and cords, thanks to a clever hidden compartment. The desk is a concept so far, the I one really hope to see produced. Watch the video after the break for a more detailed view of the piece.


Multichuck_by hafriko 14_1000

With this piece you can really let your artistic flag fly. Created by Munich based designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn, the Chuck shelf is an attempt to introduce freedom and individuality to storage. The shelf consists of six planks of wood that are lifted individually in order to display your favorite items. Aside from being cool and sculpturesque, the item is practical too. You can accommodate books and things of various height easily and achieve the capacity you need. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action. The Chuck shelf is now on sale here.


January 9, 2014


This hybrid between a chair and stepladder is so simple and clever – I wish I had thought of it. Designed by Maarten Olden for Altrex, it is perfect for a small space. It’s attractive, utilitarian and it folds flat. Here is how designer describes it: “Usit originated in the desire to create a stepladder that fits into a contemporary interior. Today’s stepladders often look too utilitarian, and they are quickly returned to storage after being used. Although it is collapsible, the Usit doesn’t have to be packed away.” The two-step version of Usit can be used as a seat, the three-step version as a high stool. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action.