April 5, 2011

Speaking about living in a shoebox! Felice Cohen lives in a studio apartment that measures 12 feet by 7 feet. When faced with the old urban dilemma – space vs. location – she clearly chose location. This beautiful Upper West Side neighborhood is enviable for many. By settling for a tiny 90 sq ft studio, Felice managed to afford it on a budget of $700 (whereas the usual monthly rent for a studio here comes up to $3,600). Check out the video below to see the tricks she used to make the place not only livable but even charming and cozy.

February 28, 2011

When designer Shay Alkalay created his first Pivot cabinet for Arco in 2008, it became an instant hit. The simplicity, paired with the space-saving qualities, earned this piece a well-deserved recognition. It even received the Dutch Design Award, 2008 in ‘best residential product’ category. Recently the Pivot family expanded. The new Pivot desk and vanity table were added to the line. The objects exhibit the same minimalistic approach to space and form. And because the drawers are hinged together, they can be opened at the same time, – a convenience most traditional cabinets cannot match.

Source: Design Milk


January 20, 2011

If you grew up on this planet during the last two decades of the twentieth century – you were at some point addicted to tetris. So were most of the contemporary designers. Which is why there are so many reenactments of the game – tetris sofas, tetris shelves, tetris rugs… What we see here is the Tetris mirror – a beautiful addition to the tetris family, created by Julia Dozsa for Fiam. This set of modular mirrors can be arranged into various configurations, from slik and classic ones to extremely elaborate. Each angular segment is fitted with the mount, so it can be attached to the wall individually. The Tetris mirror is versatile, playful, it adds light and depth to small spaces. And this is what we, shoebox dwellers want to hear.

December 26, 2010

A single strip of curved plywood was all that was needed to make this home office. Designed to fit even the smallest of spaces, this workstation by MisoSoup studio, incorporates a working surface and a shelving unit in one unusual layout. By wrapping shelves around the desk, designers not only saved some inches, but also made the unit more enclosed and secluded. The bamboo laminated plywood is flexible and light, which makes it a perfect material for the job. Bamboo is also a rapidly renewable material. So, what we see here is an environmentally sustainable design. Not just an eye candy.

December 9, 2010

If you hate camping activities and consider yourself a victim of civilization, there might still be hope for you. Being attached to homely comforts and enjoying great outdoors are no longer two mutually exclusive things. If you have spear 25K you can own Opera – a fully functional mobile home from Ysin. Opera is not your grandpa’s caravan, it is a mobile designer suite, complete with the hot air heating, two electrically adjustable beds, ceramic toilet, hot water, and many other perks and cool features. Inspired by the Sydney Opera House, this mobile home (a winner of the Wallpaper Designer Awards 2010, no less!) is a delight for the senses too. So, enjoy the nature, if you really must. Opera will get you covered.

November 8, 2010

This is a demonstration of the amazing space-saving line introduced by Resource Furniture.

Every shoebox dweller knows how annoying and often unavoidable it is to give up style due to space limitations. This furniture calls for no such thing. Beautiful, clean-lined, designy pieces that double as sleeping and storage systems…

The company’s showroom is located in New York. Does that surprise you?