July 4, 2011

Young Danish designer Anders Backe attempted to rethink the traditional futon bed and make it fun and multifunctional. The result is highly impressive. The piece, called Nest, is a lounge chair by day and a guest bed by night, which makes it perfect for small spaces. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Danish furniture manufacturer – Karup A/S. Here is how the designer describes his concept: ‘We wanted to design a piece of furniture consisting only of the futon mattress itself; 1: to fully exploit its many qualities, 2: to create a simplistic furniture – both esthetically and functionally – and 3: to meet the price range of the manufacturer.’ The popularity of the piece in Germany, Switzerland, France and Denmark is a proof of the mission accomplished. Available for purchase here.

June 22, 2011

Bedpack is a clever design by Eveline Borgermans that can help you to organize your bedside space. We all like to see our bedroom neat and serene, but at the same time – we like to have our essential things at our fingertips. Bedpack allows to achieve both. It hangs off the sides of the bed giving you an extra space for your books, notepads, glasses, medicine or anything else you need to have immediate access to. The product is available in several sizes and various colors.

January 18, 2011

The subtle humour of this piece made me look. Bed Blend, designed by the Netherlander Roy Letterle (aka lero), lives up to its name. A bed and two chars are morphed into one minimalistic piece. The chairs serve as bedside tables and in turn start formation of a headboard with their backs. Both the form and the function of Bed Blend are stripped to their absolute essentials. Even the ‘blending components,’ two chairs and a bed, are quintessentially basic. One simple, rustic idea in all its bareness.

January 8, 2011

This is not your average bed with his and her sides, headboard, drawers and things… No. This one is for the brave! Designed by the young Italian Federico Bergese of Light Bulb Lab, Bside bed abandons all traditional attributes. It has no frame, no mattress, and no legs. The business part consists of covered in leather polymeric gel and rests on a single wooden structure. The inside part of the wooden support contains LED lighting strong enough for reading. And because the light envelopes the main part from all sides – it creates the effect of the bed floating in the air… So there you have it – a few elements can create a huge impact. All it took to produce this inspired pice of design were leather, wood, polymer, LED, and a bit of madness.