May 8, 2012

This unusual take on a murphy bed was envisioned by Latvia based designer Rolands Landsbergs of Boxetti. He created a series of modules that are capable of transforming into various functional objects – beds, desks, storage and so forth. Each configuration can be hidden away into a small appealing box. Studio apartment dream, the items blend with the surroundings when closed and unfold to reveal their function when needed. The bedroom unit (my personal favorite) includes a double bed, night stand and a wardrobe. The unit is equipped with a spotlight and an ambience lighting fixture above the headboard. All necessities in one small package.

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May 7, 2012

Gotta love Resource Furniture, they really understand how to do space-saving in style. One of the latest items they’ve introduced has immediately caught my eye. DOC sofa by Bonbon is a clever transformer, capable of serving as a fully functional bunk bed. Perfect for a living room or a home office, the item can turn any space into a spear bedroom for two. The transformation is simple, requires zero muscle and fuss. Watch the video to see the DOC bed in action.

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March 29, 2012

The Cosma sleeper sofa, created by Thomas Müller and Jörg Wulff for COR, is one of my long time design loves. The minute I saw it in 2007, I’ve made a vow that as soon as I taste financial freedom – I’ll own this brilliant thing. It hasn’t happened for me yet, but for some of you it might – the sofa is on sale at Fab for the next 6 days via Domus Design Collection. Sleek and elegant, Cosma looks nothing like a convertible sofa. All you can see is a modern and attractive 3-seater. The piece features customizable armrests, that slide freely along the slot on the back. An innovative mechanism, hidden on the bottom of the seat, transforms Cosma into a comfortable bed.


March 13, 2012

Gurtbett (German for “strapped bed”) can be carried and assembled by one person. Its clever flat-pack design also allows to store the piece or move to another home with ease. The construction is based on straps that hold individual plywood pieces together. No assembly tools required. According to the manufacturer, Gurtbett is sturdy and can hold a standard mattress just like any traditional bed would. The straps come in two colors – neutral off-white and orange. An excellent idea and beautiful execution.

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March 1, 2012

We’ve seen many modular pieces, comprised of boxes and shelving structures. This next project is different. It uses a humble chair as a module. Korean designer Seung-Yong Song created a collection, called 8-Objects, in which 8 chairs are put together to form a bed. Each chair can be used as a stand-alone piece, of course. And even when taken as separate pieces of furniture, they can do much more than providing bumrest. One doubles as a clothing rack, another serves as a small desk, while others add step ladder, bookshelf and bedroll to their functions.


October 3, 2011

Some of you might remember the Bedpack by Eveline Borgermans I featured a few months back. Well, the similar product is now available in a store near you. The ubiquitous nature of IKEA strikes again. The bedside sleeve, called FLÖRT, allows storing books, iPads, remotes, glasses and all other nightstand paraphernalia. The item is made from durable polyester.

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September 14, 2011

Abbracio is a beautiful upholstered bed designed by Fausto Boscariol for Italian manufacturer Europeo. The most telling feature of this piece is a bending headboard that embraces you (hence the name) while illuminating your reading. Two lights, incorporated into the corners of the bed, can be turned in any direction, giving you the choice of direct or ambient lighting. The bed comes in a variety of colors. Watch the videos to see Abbracio in action.

September 8, 2011

Swiss designers Luzia Kälin and Nicole Lehner created a clever solution for accommodating house guests called Stay At My Home. The kit includes all the basics needed for a comfortable night stay. These components are neatly stored within each other, which makes a lot of space-saving sense. The mattress is rolled under the nightstand, which in turn houses linens and a bedside lamp. The drawer can be removed from the stand and placed as a storage box within easy reach from the bed. The arrow-shaped rug completes the set. All pieces are lightweight, which allows the guest to move them around with ease. This design is kind to both receiving and visiting parties and perfect for a limited space.

August 23, 2011

This bed is a new addition to the Air series by Daniele Lago. It also has a transparent base, allowing for the illusion of floating in the air (hence the name). And just like Air sofas and shelves, this bed has adjustable details that can be customised to your preferences and space requirements. With the Air bed you can easily change the headboard configuration to make the piece look like a sofa (perfect for studio apartments). And of course, nothing can beat the integrated storage, which can be made to run along the entire perimeter of the bed.

July 19, 2011

There is a lot to love about this cool minimalistic bed with integrated storage. Called Buden, the item was created by LA-based company Viesso, a young business that prides itself on making furniture ‘as Green as possible.’ The company uses environmentally friendly practices and chooses sustainable sources. This bed, for example, is made from bamboo – a fast-growing renewable material. But what gives it many space-saving points is the storage. Optional foot drawers, as well as base compartments and headboard drawers, are all available. Buden is customizable too – just give Viesso your specs.