January 27, 2011

The fewer pieces of furniture we have, the more they have to matter. This item, for example, is not going to stand in the corner unnoticed. Designed by Pierre Brichet, the Marie-Sophie chair is definitely made to create a visual impact. Manufactured out of steel trellis and leather, the piece seems to be suspended in the air. The clever geometry of the base creates a negative space around the seat and showcases the elegant simplicity of the object. The Marie-Sophie chair is currently displayed at the Coming Soon Galerie in Paris.

January 25, 2011

This little folding chair was created by the Finish born and Paris based designer Elisa Honkanen, who proved once again that even inexpensive, utilitarian and temporary things can add delight to our lives. Hasta chair consists of two components – folding tripod and a cotton cover, which resembles kids ‘tell the fortune’ paper game. The beauty of the piece comes from its lightness and naive, even childlike simplicity. But in fact, to achieve the effect, the designer had to experiment a lot with textures and proportions. The piece is currently on show at the Making Of exhibition in Paris.

January 19, 2011

It is incredibly pleasing that the American turf can produce its own Jacobsens, Wagners and Kjaerholms. Meet Ryan Diener, a Cincinnati based industrial designer, whose works are inspired by the masterpieces of Scandinavian school. His latest creation – DK Stool – contains all attributes typical for the Danish design tradition. The piece is beautifully crafted, minimalistically shaped and made out of local materials. But the best feature of the DK Stool is that the top of it bends to accomodate the person’s weight, while the legs turn outwards for a better support. No mechanisms, no additional parts; all done by the physics of the form. Clever, simple and elegant… Can your stacking stool do that?

January 18, 2011

The subtle humour of this piece made me look. Bed Blend, designed by the Netherlander Roy Letterle (aka lero), lives up to its name. A bed and two chars are morphed into one minimalistic piece. The chairs serve as bedside tables and in turn start formation of a headboard with their backs. Both the form and the function of Bed Blend are stripped to their absolute essentials. Even the ‘blending components,’ two chairs and a bed, are quintessentially basic. One simple, rustic idea in all its bareness.

January 11, 2011

This candy-colored beauty is a collaborative effort of designers Igor Solovyov and Dzmitry Samal. A chair and a chaise lounge in one – a chair longe. The transformation occurs as the ‘lounge’ part slides under the seat via two railing mechanisms located on its sides. The gap in the middle is not only an eye-pleasing accent, it accommodates the steel handle that locks the chair in its position. Fun and robust, this piece fits perfectly in today’s rapidly changing environment. It can be displayed and used in its full lounging glory or ‘tucked in’ for low key gatherings or simply to clear some space.

December 17, 2010

It is not enough for our furniture to work, we also want it to work hard and multitask. As does this piece from Brazilian studio Baita Design. Reindeer chair and coat hanger is a perfect solution for any entrance area, especially a cramped one. You can sit, relax, take off your shoes and hang up your things without even lifting your bum. The chair is made out of polyethilene, which allows for any color imaginable. It also comes in three sizes to fit any space.

December 15, 2010

Book storage and sitting space are the things we always need more of in any home, especially a shoeboxy one. Here is a design idea that gives us both. Trick by Sakura Adachi, designed for Campeggi, is a book case that turns into a table with two chairs. It is compact enough to easily assume the either function. Or the two functions can be combined to create a reading station – a true luxury in any space, big or small.

December 12, 2010

How many times have you lost things in your chairs and sofas? Phones, jewelry, books… you name it! This clever idea from Daisuke Motogi embraces our old habit (along with all those items we wish to loose and then find in our furniture). The model is called Lost In Sofa and is equipped with numerous built-in pockets for your things. Lost In Sofa allows you to store remotes, reading glasses, books and papers, even drinks! The only drawback of this concept is that when situated in a cushy seat and surrounded by all your spoils – you may never want to lift your bum…

December 8, 2010

What can be more ruinous for your budget and space than children’s furniture? If only it could grow as fast as the owner does, all would be well… Moan no more. The new Stack Me Up chair from designer Ho-Chieh Hsu does just that – it grows. As your child is getting bigger, the chair can be elevated via application of books under the seat. The beauty of the concept is in its versatility – the chair can sit a child, but does not look like children’s furniture. Thus Stack Me Up can survive in an adult home, becoming a conversation piece, a customizable sitting solution, and a nice book display.

Source: Yanko Design

November 23, 2010

This neat idea from Cerekapery innovation lab combines a table and a chair in one stylish item. With an easy movement you can make it either one. The sweetch18 switches (alliteration intended) to give you additional sitting or table space. And because both versions of the piece are equally cool and functional, there are no sacrifices. Just convenience and visual joy. No wonder this table/chair has won a designer award in Paris already.