June 30, 2011

This elegant table set from 3patas is based on the idea of seamlessly blending three pieces in one. Called 3×3, the set can be arranged in various configurations or neatly combined to form a family. When the smaller tables are being used, the openings can be filled with the perfectly fitting bowls. Here is what the designers say about this unusual project: After researching different users, we found that in many cases, they were living with limited space (such as inner city lofts) and were searching for solutions which could adapt to their various requirements. Whether it be entertaining friends, having a coffee, watching TV or simply eating dinner, the adaptability of 3×3 makes the table an attractive solution for these users.’

June 17, 2011

The Clouds coffee table set is a lovely versatile design from Mark Hark. When used as one piece the lines create a textured effect of real clouds. The set may also be separated into three individual pieces and used as a series of occasional tables around the room. Made from oak veneer on high-quality medium density fiberboard (MDF), the Clouds set comes in three colors – white, black and walnut. If they make it in frosted glass – my life will be complete…

May 27, 2011

The 3:1 table is a cool creation by Chicago based studio TJOKEEFE. Their signature is in playing with geometry and distilling an object down to its essential parts. Powerful form and efficiency is what TJ O’Keefe, the founder of the studio, strives to achieve. This table, for example, is a clever geometric set of nesting tables, each of which can function independently. Even if scattered around the room, the pieces ‘interact’ with each other, creating a visual tension. The 3:1 table is made of matte powder-coated aluminum.

May 18, 2011

This piece from British designer John Green is so multifunctional, I cannot say affirmatively what it is. Depending on your needs, it can be a coffee table, a magazine rack, a media storage, a laptop table, a stool, a bench, a kid’s desk, even a tray for breakfast in bed. It is called Embrace, because of the two pieces that are ‘embraced’ together to form a storage space in between. The item, a proud winner of several awards (including Grand Designs Awards Product of the Year’11), was presented during this year’s New York Design Week.

May 14, 2011

Jigsaw is a modular coffee table designed by Belgian designer Linde Hermans for Mooz. It is comprised of four independent angular pieces that can be arranged into different configurations or placed separately around your home. These L-shaped wedges can be used as handy companions to the furniture you already have, because they fit perfectly around corners. Manufactured from a single piece of steel, the Jigsaw table is minimalistic and adaptable. Smart stuff!

May 9, 2011

If you think about it – a coffee table is one of the most used and abused items in our home. It serves as a footrest, a book storage, a dinner table, an occasional desk and more. So, if it plays so many different roles, shouldn’t it change shapes too? Designers at Nódesign studio thought it should and created Elos – an adjustable coffee table that can be transformed to your liking. The movable segments look like molecules and can literary ‘diffuse’ into any configuration. You can put them together for a bigger table, or stretch them into a line to accomodate more people. By putting a leg below each pivot point, designers made Elos stable as well as flexible. Brilliant.

April 18, 2011

It seems the world became obsessed with folding metal furniture. Or maybe it’s just me. Here is another beautiful example of this efficient eco concept – Recto Verso collection from Krizalid Studio. The line includes a coffee table and a bookshelf, both of which are constructed of 2 mm perforated sheet of steel. The items arrive to you flat, and you assemble them following the simple diagram. There is virtually no dounside to this design – the items are sturdy, minimalist looking, flexible (the shelf can be folded in two different ways, which allows for the tilt to the right or left), the material itself is recyclable. Recto Verso shelf received an honorable mention at the Reddot Design 2011. Both pieces are available for purchase at the SitOnDesign.

April 15, 2011

How difficult it is to throw away magazines after you’ve read them? For many of us the answer is – very. They are shiny, they smell of print, and we like to think that we will need them one day for some uber important reference. And that is why magazine clutter is virtually impossible to conquer. But maybe we don’t have to? What if instead of throwing away our precious Vogues and ADs, we could turn them into a design inspiration? Designer Rush Pleansuk did just that. His Full-filled coffee table embraces magazines and uses them as a structural element. By filling this metal folding with your periodics - you create a table surface and, at the same time, turn your clatter into storage.

April 13, 2011

Bookworms - rejoice. There is a new way of storing and displaying your favorite tomes. Dutch designer Remi Van Oers created an entire furniture line, dedicated to reading. Made from wood and fabric, these pieces are not only modern and elegant, they also include a much needed book storage (the chair is equipped with the light to complete the experience). All pieces allow very generous space for books, making them a subject of showcase and a proud part of the design. A room full of book just got the whole lot cooler…

Source: Co.Design

February 17, 2011

Here is an example of taking a good idea and making it even better. Initially the Window table, created by Eero Koivisto for Offecct, had an inserted colored glass feature that served as a stylish way to indicate the storage area. Now Koivisto went further and replaced the glass with an insertion for flowers and plants. The result is refreshing and chic. The timing is right too. Spring is coming, so it might be a good idea to give those planters another optimistic try…