November 6, 2012

Mattoni (“brick” in Italian) is a modular system of cardboard storage, created by designer Giorgio Caporaso. Any fellow cardboard lover will see the value of these highly sustainable, 100% recyclable pieces. The concept should appeal to the urban folk as well, because it allows us to build various configurations of storage for any space, big or small. The combinations are endless – you can create bookshelves, room dividers, credenzas, tables… Various finishes and colors are also available. Studio Caporaso even created a special unit as part of Mattoni system that enables you to cultivate a small green corner inside this storage. A new and dynamic way to bring nature in among the bookcases and display walls…


October 22, 2012

The cool, democratic and versatile Crates Storage System has been created by Atlanta based designer Jenny Drinkard and made in the USA. The flexibility of these smart boxes needs to be tried to be believed. They can store books, office supplies, kitchenware, bathroom paraphernalia, clothes, bedroom  linnens, toys… you name it. And thanks to the agreeable looks, Crates can be incorporated into any room in your home. The units are stackable, so you can create various configurations, as big or small as you need. The system includes a number of useful add-ons. You can attach a cork bulletin board or a dry erase board to the side, put a cushion onto the top for extra seating, add a cord clip for wire management, a hook for hanging stuff… Quite brilliant! Available for purchase here.


October 8, 2012

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

More than forty years ago, Swiss engineer Paul Schärer and architect Fritz Haller set out to create a flexible shelving and storage system based on modular architectural structures. Reflecting their respective professional backgrounds, they made it a goal to marry technical perfection and durability with design elegance. The result was the USM Haller furniture collection.

Being streamlined and contemporary in styling, USM furniture works as well in the private home as it does in office and other environments. And since it’s modular, you can configure the piece to  slip comfortably into the available space rather than settle for something just because it ‘fits’.

The USM palette comprises just three elements: a metal panel, chrome steel tubes and a chrome-plated brass ball joint that connects them. These elements provide the supporting structure and the exterior envelope for the components and materials contained inside the modular units. It’s hard to imagine a more minimalist vocabulary yielding as broad an array of design possibilities.

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September 27, 2012

96° shelf system by Germany-based designer Karoline Fesser is a successful attempt to break the routine of conventional shelving. Each of the basic elements – base, box and cover – follows an angle of 96 degrees (hence the name). “Stackable into each other the elements mount up to a shelf by an alternate layering. Interlocking edges and cuts allow an easy and stable stacking without any additional fixtures,” – designer explains. The modules come in various colors, allowing to create personalized palette.


August 3, 2012

Some of you might remember German designer Florian Gross and his awesome Konnex Shelf System (which is still one of my favorite modular storage products of all time). He hasn’t been idle. He emailed to tell about his new enterprise – StudioApart – created in collaboration with Barcelona based designer Kike Macías; and a beautiful new design – Andamino Shelf. The piece is a modular shelving system, which was inspired by traditional Indian scaffolding. No tools or hardware is needed for the assembly of the unit. Each shelf is adjusted to the appropriate height to cover different functions, the width is expandable too. The Andamio Shelf is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The project is going to be unveiled at the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt, August 24-28.


July 30, 2012

This storage system by Sebastian Schönheit reminds me of a Growing Cabinet by Yi-Cong Lu, I featured earlier this year. Here too – the shelves slide sideways to free more storing space. Schönheit’s piece, called Shift, consists of four elements which can easily be stacked on top of each other and moved horizontally. There is no need for screws, brackets or props. Shift can be arranged according to its content (the sliding shelves provide the room for bulky items) or your space requirements. The metal back of the item doubles as a bulletin board, so Shift can be used as a free-standing item.


July 27, 2012

I am very pleased to beat the drum for a fellow countryman today. Russian designer Lesha Galkin created this modular shelving system, beautifully adaptable to any space, big or small. The  structures are composed of plywood and solid pine boards. Thin plywood pieces are nested inside each other, creating various configurations. These small structures are easily assembled without glue or screws, which makes for flexible, lightweight storage.


June 4, 2012

I’m planning to move house soon and oh how I wish I had all my stuff stored in these modular boxes. Aptly called BrickBox, this storage, just like a brick wall, can be built to any height, any width, at an angle, in the middle of the room,  symmetrically, asymmetrically, you name it… Each element is also a carrier box. Reattach it and you’re good to go. Ingenius. Take a look at the beautiful video, shot by Fair Companies, to see the product in action.


May 23, 2012

Soapbox is an ingenius modular ‘ready to assemble’ storage system, that allows building various configurations. Made from quality veneered plywoods (no particle board or MDF), the pieces are held together by clever hardware components. These strong and colorful brackets connect wooden parts into boxes and also serve as visual accents. The system allows for the unlimited transformation – the boxes can be built horizontally or vertically, sitting on the floor or hanging on a wall. Great idea for small urban dwellings!..


May 8, 2012

This unusual take on a murphy bed was envisioned by Latvia based designer Rolands Landsbergs of Boxetti. He created a series of modules that are capable of transforming into various functional objects – beds, desks, storage and so forth. Each configuration can be hidden away into a small appealing box. Studio apartment dream, the items blend with the surroundings when closed and unfold to reveal their function when needed. The bedroom unit (my personal favorite) includes a double bed, night stand and a wardrobe. The unit is equipped with a spotlight and an ambience lighting fixture above the headboard. All necessities in one small package.

(via plataformadesign)