October 5, 2012

The Un-tidy side table by Milan based designer Kostantia Manthou provides a clever and unexpected extra storage for various reading materials. Thanks to its accordeon-like leather pocket, the piece expands, creating a bookshelf between two surfaces. Perfect as a bedside table and a reading chair companion, Un-tidy is flexible and can store as much or as little as you like. The item comes in a variety of finishes and several colors of leather.

(via designboom)


September 18, 2012

I love the elegance and ingenuity of this piece. Tripod side table by Noon studio is comprised of only four interlocking details. There is no muscle required for the assembly of the piece. It can be just as easily taken apart for storage. The tabletop is ceramic, which is an unexpected and rather classy detail. The legs are made of birch or oak plywood.


September 12, 2012

Intersection is a small and innovative occasional table by Thomas Merlin. It can play multiple roles around the house and fold completely flat when not in use.

Here what designer says about the project: “The concept comes from the idea of connection between two elements which make up a table: the tabletop on one hand, and the other hand. The particular drawing of the table allows to fix these 2 elements by using a crossbar, which also serves as a carrying handle.”

Two identical metal sheets, three oak crossbars and four legs – that’s all it is to the construction of the table. Minimal elements, beautifully put together…


August 24, 2012

Netherlands based designer Ruben der Kinderen is the creative force behind this beautiful collection. Inspired by bushcraft (survival) techniques, these objects are assembled without screws or glue, but purely by using the forces of nature.

“I’m fascinated by survival and the things you can use in nature to make your stay comfortable,” – says Ruben. – “I went for 2 weeks to Sweden (into the wild-style) with a tent some food and my knife. By using different bushcraft techniques, to make my stay comfortable, i came to the conclusion that nothing in our own home interior has to by screwed or glued. Just by designing and making clever solutions everything can be of wood and rope.”

The system is modular. The tops of the tables are interchangeable, which provides for great flexibility. The simple and clever tripod construction is at the core of this project. At the bottom of the tabletop there is a chamber where the legs fit in. If there is a force on the tabletop the legs will spread, but as far as the walls of the chamber. Thus, the piece stays bendable and stable at the same time. A bright and elegant idea…


August 10, 2012

This foldable side table, called Hook, has been created by German-based designer Eric Degenhardt for the brand Richard Lampert. A lot of good thinking went into this design. The piece is lightweight, compact, foldable and can be suspended on the wall via the hook (hence the name).  The piece is quite a looker too, in both folded and unfolded states… “Hook is a small, round side table offering a multitude of uses: you can put your feet up on it or use it to rest your book or glass, depending on your needs at the moment,” – says the designer.


April 22, 2012

This little item, aptly called Buchtisch (German for Book Table), by Germany based design firm Studio Voigt Dietrich is a lovely companion to a reading chair. Small in size, it can fit in any space, even a tiny one. The unusual shape of the piece allows you to use it as a side table, book storage and also a bookmark. It will hold your teacup as well as your curent page. A nice idea for any ‘active reading’ you might have scattered across the room.

(via Stilsucht)

April 11, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle is the name of the furniture collection, designed by Rui Alves, force behind My Own Superstudio. It is comprised of five pieces that can be stacked in many different ways, creating shelving, seating, multilevel console/occasional tables and even coat hangers. I love the colorful fun the line projects. Little columns on the side of each piece really do add animal resemblance, something kinds of all ages will appreciate.

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April 2, 2012

These minimalist and storage-rich side tables, aptly called Stack, were created by Singapore-based designer Nathan Yong  for Living Divani. The set is composed of three differently-colored natural wood tables of various depth. You can stack them together or scatter them around, depending on your space requirements. I love the combination of the subtle colors of the tops and light wooden legs, it looks very refreshing. And even though the access to the items, stored in the bottom tray, seems a bit awkward, the impressing capacity wins many space-saving points. The Stack collection will be shown during the Milan Design Week later this month.

(via Dailytonic and Minimalissimo)


March 30, 2012

Having a lounge chair is a rare space-consuming luxury in a small space. Unless something has been done to make it more compact and multifunctional. Like the beautiful piece here. The GVAL chair by Vanesa Moreno Serna of OOO My Design is a wonder of compactness. An elegantly curved chair-shaped frame houses two smaller items inside. Each of them may serve as an ottoman, a side-table or both. “The shape of the chair and the texture of alternating sheets of plywood is inspired by pattern of tree rings, which in a way represent tree’s memory: each ring usually marks the  of one year in the life of the tree,” – says the designer.


March 21, 2012

This unusual piece of furniture, created by Taiwan based designer Kenyon Yeh for cooima, was inspired by two bulletin board classics – pushpin and cork. Yeh used the lightness and forgiving qualities of cork to craft this multifunctional item. You can use it as a stool or flip it over and turn it into a side table. What a lovely idea! Just be prepared to fight the urge of sticking notes to it – the curse of cork surfaces…