September 15, 2011

There is a lot to love about the 10 Unit System by Japanese architect and designer Shigeru Ban –  it is modular, eco-friendly, good-looking and can be easily assembled by one person. And most importantly – it is ideal for limited spaces, because it allows us to built  and customize our furniture according to our immediate needs. The series of L-shaped units can be combined to make different kinds of seating, from individual chairs to multi-seat configurations. You can also build table bases for tops of varying sizes with this same system. All configurations are held in place by a simple method of connecting rods, which makes them a child’s play to assemble. The 10 Unit System is made from UPM ProFi, an innovative composite, comprised of recycled paper and plastic. So, it is easy on the environment too. The product is available at Module R.

September 9, 2011

If you are an eco-conscious typography geek, you will like this collection. The A Range by London based design company ByAlex includes a stool, side table and a coat stand, all of which are based around two interlocking ‘A’-s (hence the name). These A-shaped structures keep the furniture strong and stable. The pieces are highly adaptable and can play many roles around the house – occasional tables, plant stands, even mini-desks. All items are made from accredited birch plywood, which makes for a responsible eco-friendly design.


August 19, 2011

Jye Stool + Table is a multifunctional object created by Sydney based company Craft Design Realisation. It can be used as a stool, occasional table, night table or bench. Several Jye pieces can interlock and form longer surfaces. The item is beautifully handcrafted from assorted solid timbers and covered with natural Danish oil. And because CDR people specialize on handmade one off items, they can make it in any size or finish of your choice.

August 16, 2011

This multitasking object, called Scalo and designed by Benedetto Quaquaro for Cerruti Baleri, is not on a cheap side ($2,016.00). But it can do so many things! You can use it as a side or ocasional table, stool, shelving unit or a stepladder. Thanks to the hidden hinges, the transition is easy and seamless. Made from bent plywood, the piece features different colors on the inside. A durable stainless steal stop locks Scalo in both open and closed positions.

August 11, 2011

This lovely playroom item was designed by Eric Pfeiffer for Offi. The table has a durable chalkboard top, which allows kids to express their artistic spirit. And when our little artists are done with their masterpieces – their supplies can be stored in a bowl in the center. Thus, the piece promotes creativity, sharing and working together, and also being tidy after the playtime is over. The table can be purchased at

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July 8, 2011

This versatile piece of furniture, called Tokotoko, can perform several roles in your home. It can serve as a side (or bedside) table, as a stool, or it can even be stacked to create a modular shelving unit. Made from natural walnut, the item comes in two colors, which can be alternated for a visual impact. Tokotoko is made in Japan and can be purchased here.

June 29, 2011

Here is a bright idea from Washington based company Rotoluxe. They combined tables and planters with CFL/LED lighting, creating a double function that is not only attractive, by also eco-conscious. All luminous pieces are made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes them environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is highly sustainable too – left over shavings and cut-away pieces go right back into the shredder to make fresh new parts. So, instead of cluttering a landfill, used plastic bottles and production scraps can illuminate and enhance the space around us. And that is a beautiful thing…

June 28, 2011

The quest for the perfect table is not the prerogative of adults. A children’s play table should include many important components. It needs to be ergonomically correct, exhibit inspired design and, ideally, have some storage. This beautiful piece from Benjamin Cherner might just have what it takes. Durable and visually appealing, the table is equipped with a storage box in the middle. The top is exposed edge 1” thick cross-ply plywood, with exposed edge laminated wood legs. The piece seats eight and comes in different heights and color combinations.

May 14, 2011

If you are in New York this weekend – do visit the American Design Club‘s ‘Use Me’ exhibition in NoHo. I just have and I saw this brilliant thing there – the Link table by Milwaukee-based designer Peter J. Pless. Seven rotating discs are connected via metal panels, which in turn transform this mobil tabletop into various shapes. Slim elegant wooden legs support the structure. Link will make an excellent occasional or entry table. I really hope that talented Mr. Pless decides to make a coffee table version as well.

March 9, 2011

Two Danish design school students Anne Ahrendt Futtrup and Anita Johansen created this adorable thing, called The Starling Box. This table/storage combination can save space, but what it also does is make you feel like a kid on a treasure hunt. As you explore the labyrinth of the twisted tabletop – you discover bright boxes that are both intriguing and functional. The Starling Box is made from MDF and solid beech, oak veneer, and a colorful palette of felt.

Source: Abitare