May 13, 2013


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

Appo Cork Trays are a great way to repurpose those empty wine and beverage bottles that might otherwise be discarded. Slide an Appo into the bottle neck to transform the container into an eye-catching centerpiece or serving tray for hors d’oeuvres. They also work well for creating nifty tabletop or shelf displays, especially when grouped together in bottles of contrasting shape and size.

The tray is made from renewable and durable cork, a substance with the practical benefit of simultaneously resisting heat, moisture, and cold to a degree unmatched by most materials. A tray measures 18 inches in diameter. Appo was designed by Carlo Trevisani for Seletti.


December 3, 2012

Holiday season is in full swing, which requires a lot of gift-giving and serving of food. These Pantone trays will help you to execute these two activities in style. Both the 4-piece and the 11-piece sets work well for a variety of foods and occasions. Sushi or tapas, brunch or cocktails, these modular trays can be used in many different combinations. And the neutral design will make them a thoughtful and universally appropriate gift. I especially like the fact that the pieces interlock perfectly for compact storage. The 4-piece set comes in Indian Teal, Tangerine Tango, and Tea colors, and the 11-piece – in elegant Anthracite and Blanc de Blanc. Available for purchase here.


November 10, 2011

Dual function is a highly beautiful thing, especially when the space limitations are an issue. Singapore based designer Wan Xuan Lim went beyond the dual function. His Lounge Stool can serve not two, not even three but four roles: chair, stool, side table and serving tray. I especially like the idea of a tray ‘serving’ as the back of a chair. The item is compact, truly multifunctional and stackable for easily storage. The Lounge Stool as a concept design so far. I really wish to see it produced!


October 31, 2011

Primi tray table by Phase Design made me look. The piece is not only a clever example of dual function, but also a very elegant one. The table is comprised of two parts – solid steel bar base and removable tray, which comes with an inset color plate or bronze mirror top. Base available in flat and gloss black or white powder-coat finish. Color plate available in various powder coat colors. Beautiful addition to a room of any size.