April 28, 2011

LED light is great, it is bright, long-lasting, energy efficient. It can also come in strips, which makes it perfect for various design projects. Designer Antoni Arola used these qualities of LED to create a line of luminous furniture, called BlancoWhile. He integrated light with shelves, bookcases, desks. The strips are hidden under the metal sheets and focused in the center to provide an even ambient illumination. The pieces are modular and can create multiple configurations, as big and bright as your space allows.

HT InteriorDesigningBlog

Furniture on 06/07/11

Gorgeous lights out there!

dogbed on 06/22/11

Awesome images!

JPR Marketing on 06/24/11

Amazing! I like this furnitures, it can help save current though.

PR Agency

The light is alluring and so so romantic.

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