March 3, 2014


This innovative cabinet has been created by Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille. The piece merges storage with seating in one compact solution. Brilliant for studio apartments where space is of the essence. Available for purchase here.

(thank you, Heiner)


August 28, 2013


The beauty and versatility of this piece make it an exciting option for any stylish shoebox dweller. The Parity cabinet by British designer Gareth Batowski is a small oak cabinet comprised of two shelves and four colored drawers. The item can serve as a desk compliment, printer stand, night table, side table, even as kitchen storage, if you so choose, the options are endless. I also love the aesthetics of the piece. Parity’s upper surface is tinted in black while the drawers are painted in bright colors. The rest of the structure is finished in natural wood, which creates an authentic and rich personality. 


February 25, 2013


Spinny cabinet, created by Joe Colombo for the furniture brand B-Line, adds a new twist to a familiar idea. Each of the twelve drawers of this piece can spin 180° (hence the product name). The drawers range in height, allowing the piece to fit many different storing needs. And thanks to the swiveling mechanism, you can see the contents of each drawer easily. No more clutter, festering in the dark corners! Spinny comes in the variety of colors and two versions – one with steel framework and base on swivel wheels and the other anchored to the wall.


May 1, 2012

This clever cabinet by Leipzig based designer Yi-Cong Lu expands, doubling its storage capacity. How? The  principle is simple and ingenius. The drawers of the growing cabinet are located on the side. By pulling the drawer, extra space is created. “This kind of interaction makes it a “living” object, that changes its shape and size according to its usage,” – says the designer. The piece is made out of plywood and MDF.

January 26, 2012

Inspired by placards, these unusual storage units, aptly called Sticks, are perfect if you need to break the pattern of unified storage. Designed by Netherlands based studio Castelijn Wonen, these one-legged cabinets come in four different heights, four different widths and a wide variety of colors. So, you can create a huge number of combinations. You can use them separately or put them in groups, mix and match heights and colors and really let your artistic flag fly. And they really do look like placards on sticks, put into harmonious and fun compositions.


October 21, 2011

Boxinbox is a storage cabinet by Keiji Ashizawa. The beauty of this design is in the shape of the boxes that fit into each other (hence the name). The metal frame is also easy to disassemble for compact storage. The whole construction, even though it looks rather etherial and fragile, is actually sturdy enough for the boxes to slide, letting you a fast glance over the contents. And when you are done storing stuff (if only!), you can store the piece itself after turning it flat. Thus, Boxinbox creates extra space while taking almost none for itself. I really like that!


August 29, 2011

This cool attempt to combine furniture with lighting reminds me of the Blanco White collection I featured some time ago. Light in Drawer, the concept design by Shinoby Koizumi, also adds an ambient touch to storage. Each drawer of this cabinet is fitted with the lighting source, beaming through the wooden facade. By opening drawers you can create various lighting effects. The knobs are nothing more than the screw caps of the same bulbs used for illuminating the piece (lovely humorous detail). Besides, having light inside your drawers is always a helpful thing.

May 4, 2011

This modular system from Crop, called Notebook, is a combination of desks and cabinets connected via holes and red rope. These fun connecting elements resemble notebook and provide a pleasing distraction from otherwise ordinary white lacquered wooden surfaces. You can also thread your cables and cords through them to reduce clutter. The holes alone can be used for lamps, screens, partitions and other accessories, specifically designed for the line. The system consists of various sized desks, as well as a bench, which can be used both for sitting and as a base for cabinets. All pieces are freely combinable and allow for many configurations.

April 28, 2011

LED light is great, it is bright, long-lasting, energy efficient. It can also come in strips, which makes it perfect for various design projects. Designer Antoni Arola used these qualities of LED to create a line of luminous furniture, called BlancoWhile. He integrated light with shelves, bookcases, desks. The strips are hidden under the metal sheets and focused in the center to provide an even ambient illumination. The pieces are modular and can create multiple configurations, as big and bright as your space allows.

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March 11, 2011

Can geometry be poetic? This stunning piece designed by Koenraad Ruys, for Moca, provides a clear answer. Colorful and Bauhausy looking, the Framed cabinet can beautify any room. It consists of several differently sized compartments that are integrated into a black steel frame (hence the name). Framed comes in a choice of either neutrals and a bright yellow or sea blues and greens. Fun, airy storage with the splash of color… Something any space can use.