October 1, 2013


Milan based designers Enrico De Lotto, Georgios (koli) Kolliopoulos and Cristian Loddo of studio Mandalaki created this timely object, called Mandalaki table. The piece consists of two iron pipe legs, that are attached to the double faced light blue/white tabletop without any screws, just by virtue of their curve. The table is easy to assemble and disassemble. But the best feature of the piece is the control over pesky cordage. It features six main plugs and two USB ports, which allow to charge iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile devices. Here is how designers describe their idea: “Our relationship with electronic devices is changing fast, and the number of portable applications grows day by day. That’s why we developed a line of office / house instruments, that integrate the electricity outlet, easy to mount, and adapting to user’s new needs to simplify his actions.” Very clever.

Photography by Miro Zagnoli


September 26, 2013


Elegant futons are not easy to come by. I only featured one in the past. This one, called Figo, is another futon idea I quite like, mainly because it can look and function like a legitimate and attractive piece of furniture. A lounge chair by day, Figo transforms into an impromptu bed by night. Perfect for small apartments and unexpected guests. The frame is made in Denmark from sustainable nordic pine, the mattress and the headrest are produced from soft and durable polycotton (55% cotton and 45% polyester). Figo comes in nine colors. Available for purchase here.



This small and beautiful writing table has been created by Amsterdam based designer Roel Huisman. The piece is first in its kind, its tabletop is made from polyester resin. Added pigments informed the subtle aquamarine color and the opaque quality. Ash-wood accessories complete the workspace. The table features a lamp, a vase and a small storage compartment, concealed by a sliding ash writing surface.


September 25, 2013


This multifunctional shelf, aptly called Nomad, has been created by studio VE2 for the Danish furniture brand Skagerak. Elegant and understated, Nomad can be used in any room. You can easily move it around and change its function with supplementary shelves and hooks. The piece has won the The Formland Design Award in 2012. Available for purchase here.


September 24, 2013


Lean Man table series were created by UK based studio & Then Design. It is the combination of a table and a bookshelf that really made me look. Made out of ash and spray lacquered MDF, the Leaning Man range uses the wall to hold themselves in position. And, as it is typical for any leaning constructions, the more weight you put onto them – the more stable they become. The pieces are produced in seven vibrant colors. Available for purchase here (or, if you’re in the US - here).


September 23, 2013


This sink has been designed by Monica Graffeo for Italian brand Rexa, and it’s a beauty. The ample storage the piece contains does not take away from the elegance of the form. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic, the piece looks minimalist and simple. I quite like the fact that the shelving and the base-basket look as if they were one continuous unit.

(via kb culture)


September 20, 2013


Not sure why designers called this bookcase Rocky, possibly because it truly rocks. Created by Charles Kalpakian of Paris-based studio La Chance, the piece features an angular and sculptural line. Designer created a 3D variation of a classic pattern used by cabinet makers. He plays with our perception of space and volume with an object that reveals and changes according to the observer’s point of view. Brilliant! Available for purchase here.

(via bltd)


September 17, 2013


Not only a rad idea but also an aesthetic candy, the SLÎT Bike Hook is a new minimalist creation of Berlin based studio Mikili. When open, SLÎT is a stable holder for your ride. When closed, SLÎT withdraws so discreetly that it practically becomes one with the wall. While the shelf provides space for your equipment, the protective felt overlay guarantees soft but secure support for your cherished frame. What a beauty! Available in black and white.


September 16, 2013


I’m back from my vacation with something that sure can make diving into work more pleasant – a beautifully designed desk. Envisioned by designer Adam Denney of Bee9 and hand built by Fruitwood Furniture, the piece is a good fit for any place, especially a small one. The drop leaf design allows folding it into a slim console. In its unfolded mode, the desk features generous working surface, storage, as well as slots for wires, laptops and tablets. Made out of solid birch ply, the piece can be stained in four different colors. Available for purchase here.


September 2, 2013


Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers created this super compact desk, called Flatframe, for furniture brand Müller Möbelwerkstätten. Disguised as a wall art, the piece folds down into a functional workstation. It includes a non-slip surface, storage for your writing tools, slots for the iPad and iPhone, bulletin board, integrated sockets for your laptop and other devices. Impressive number of conveniences from an item that is just 2.5-inch thick. The Flatframe desk is a winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2013. No surprise there…