September 14, 2015


Growing up in Soviet Russia, I remember an odd piece of furniture that most of us bought to accommodate an occasional overnight guest. It was an uncomfortable pull-up chair that could be transformed into an equally uncomfortable (and mercilessly narrow) bed. This is why I am so excited about this witty evolution of the old idea by Moscow based designer Elena Sidorova. She aims at the same function, but approaches it with infinitely more pizazz and ergonomic kindness. The Flop chair looks comfortable and spacious, and it can be easily turned into a functional tween bed. And as a bonus feature, all the guest bed paraphernalia (pillows, comforters, and sheets) can be stored right here, inside the chair.



September 11, 2015


Rain-Bros by Daniel Savage visualizes different wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum.

– Six Netflix tricks I didn’t know about.

– Amazing fashion photos paired with nature scenes they’re inspired by.

– Love these cool key holders and rings.

– This great Kickstarter is approaching its date!

Toddler’s reaction to an electronic garage door. Priceless.

Instant want – Phone-Brella.

– Possibly the most adorable photo I’ve seen this week.

– This tupperware brand is reinventing microwave cooking.

– And something for the senses – Crystal Universe.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Simply called Library, this happy modular shelving system by Penghao Shan has a lot to offer to a limited space. The design is based on a simple principle: a leaning construction gets more stable as you put more wight on it. A wooden frame is the base of the shelving unit. You can use your freedom of expression to attach containers, a desk component, or shelves. Infinitely adjustable, Library can also be quickly disassembled and stored flat.



September 8, 2015


Escape Traveler by Escape Homes is a proper luxury home, scaled down to 269 square feet. And it is mobile, which is another major win. This little cottage on wheels is styled after the Canoe Bay Resort cottages in Northern Wisconsin. It features everything a normal house should have, such as a full-size kitchen and bathroom, bedroom, dining area, plus a few extras, like a washing machine and a fire place. It also has climate control and tons of over-the-head storage. See more photos after the break.


September 2, 2015

A notable Kickstarter for the urban gardeners out there – Elegant Farm. Made from all-natural recycled materials (glass bottles, ropes, leather straps, recycled whiskey barrels), this hydroponic system allows you to grow your veg in style. The principle is low tech and simple. Bubbles of air from the air pump lift water up to feed the plants. The liquid nutrients drain down through each planter to the reservoir and the plants drink as much as they need. Tiny rocks in each bottle give the plant roots something to hold onto so there’s no soil. Refill once a week and repeat. Available for purchase through Kickstarter.


August 31, 2015


Wonder what it’s like to live in a tiny house? You can rent one and find out! Getaway co-founders Jon Staff and Pete Davis with the help of some Harvard Design School students, built vacation tiny houses that are available for rent. Here is how they describe their project: “We start by custom-building Instagram-able tiny houses that are big enough to live in, but small enough to live simply in. The houses are designed by Harvard Graduate School of Design students to provide the comforts of home — including a comfy queen bed, a stove, a toilet and shower, and classic books and board games — all while being completely off-grid.” The Gateway houses are currently available in the Boston area, although expanding to other locations is in plans. You can book the Getaway House here.


August 25, 2015

One of my favorite design blogs, Minimalissimo, is putting together a print edition of its strongest articles. Visually stunning, just like the blog it derived from, Minimalissimo magazine will feature minimalism in architecture, art, fashion, graphic & package design, and industrial design. You will also be able to read interviews with renown artists and learn about their unique perspective on the art of less. The first limited edition of the magazine is now Kickstarting.

August 15, 2015

– Made me laugh (and recognize myself). What will happen if I don’t take my phone out.

– A stunning photo of Crimea.

– Addicted to this game right now: Specimen.

A WTF product of the week…

Sky Ladder. Amazing pyrotechnic artwork.

This adorable sea slug is solar powered.

– Economies and corporations explained using cows. Funny.

– And something for the senses. 20 minutes of kite flying.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

August 14, 2015


Some of you may remember CATable by LYCS Architecture. Now they have unveiled a new design, series of sculpturesque cubes with small spaces for cats to hide and play in. I love the sheer beauty of these pieces. They not only provide your cat with fun and exercise, but add aesthetic value to your home as well.


August 13, 2015


Architectural studio +R Piuerre has recently completed this project, a transformation of a dental office into a compact 60 square meter dwelling. Designed for a young professional, this apartment features many space-saving ideas and visual tricks to maximize the space. The first floor houses a lounging area, kitchen, and a bathroom in between, and the mezzanine level includes bedroom and home office. Although the overall color scheme of the place is white, there are blocks of refreshing color that brighten the mood. The narrow corridor, leading to the living area, is visually expanded by a long mirror strip across the wall. Clever. Check out more images after the break.