March 15, 2014

- Reading, redefined. An interesting idea for reading software, especially for small devices.

- This sure creates perspective. A monster galaxy vs. the Milky Way galaxy.

- A mind-blowing video – a wounded dolphin approaches a human for help.

- Writers and their writing caves. Fascinating.

- I really heart this house-shaped candle holder.

- This CGI Audrey Hepburn is amazing.

- Fun info – Fiat’s rooftop test track.

- Electro-swing robot, defending futuristic-retro Paris from aliens. Hells, yeah!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

March 14, 2014


The air starts to smell of spring, bringing the anticipation of summer and beach grilling. And this product by Spanish design company RS Barcelona is a good way to prepare for the upcoming fun. Mon Oncle portable grill is small enough to be stored away without cluttering your space. I love the vintage flair and leather straps that are both cool and useful. Mon Oncle is perforated with tiny holes that allow air to flow easily, making it more powerful without overheating. The piece comes in gray, blue and green.

(via design-milk)


March 13, 2014

Rocky bed totally rocks. In many senses than one. This convertible children’s bed from studio jäll & tofta is a product that grows with the child. At the beginning, it serves as a combination of a cradle and a rocking chair. When the baby grows out of the nursery into a bigger kid’s room, simply flip it over to create a 140 cm long bed with a removable bedrail. The space underneath can double as storage (or as an awesome fort for games). Watch the video above to see all the transformations of the piece.


March 12, 2014


This cool minimalist bike holder has been created by German studio Mikili. I featured this stunner from them some time ago. This particular piece, called TÎAN, is, though not as stealthy on the wall, has its own advantages. It features a storage compartment, something every small entryway can use. The drawer can be opened and closed with a simple push thanks to a tip-on system. In addition, TÎAN looks attractive even when your bike is not hanging on the wall. The piece comes in four color combinations, so you can choose the look that fits you.


March 11, 2014


Many would agree that the ideal sofa is the one you don’t want to leave. Milan based designer Burak Kocak expanded this idea and created a sofa you don’t need to leave. This modular piece, called Herb, is a clever conglomerate of different components. Each arm is replaced by something useful – storage, adjustable lighting, electrical sources, even planters. You can create a combination that fits your own unique couch-potatoing style.


March 8, 2014


- Cool idea. Famous works of art transformed into buildings.

- Predictables – contemporary fortune tellers. I really love this concept.

- A mirror fence. Neat.

- Animal architecture is mind-blowing.

- How I wish this product existed in Soviet Union during prohibition. The Miracle Wine Machine.

- Probably the most astonishing art project I’ve ever seen. Desert Breath.

Have a nice weekend, folks!

March 7, 2014


The Ledge laptop desk by Seattle based studio Urbancase, is a nice idea for a shoebox apartment, for it barely stands our from the wall. At the same time it provides a pullout workstation, desktop, and storage. The hidden cubby, accessible through a flush mounted pencil tray, allows cords to nest in a separate compartment while the slot toward the rear of the unit reduces cord clutter on the top surface. The piece is made from solid walnut.


March 5, 2014

Organization nerds will appreciate this. Created by Seattle based studio Three by Three, these silicone organizers are perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of space. Small and unobtrusive, these dry-erase planners can be attached to any smooth surface – wall, fridge,  mirror, even window. They come in weekly, monthly, vertical and horizontal varieties. Each piece is easily cleaned and reattached. The planners can be supplemented by double-sided silicone sticky pads that hold small notes, staples, stamps and other lightweight items.



This versatile little shelf has been created by young designers Tadej Podakar and Luka Fabjan, together – studio TRIpike. The piece consists of adjustable wooden elements that provide slots for books, artwork, clothes and various small items. Thanks to its artistically cut edges, the shelf looks good even when completely empty. A great hybrid of storage and wall decoration.

(via design-milk)


March 3, 2014


German designer Jörg Brachmann is the creative force behind these cool products. His brand Urbanature is dedicated to bringing greenery into small city apartments. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, each item is thought out with space limitations in mind. I especially love the hybrid of a herb garden and a cutting board – wishlisted. Watch the video after the break to learn more about these designs.