September 25, 2016


Putting big things in perspective by comparing them to something familiar.

– It’s almost the season. Egloo electricity-free heater.

Witty cat in the pocket embroidery by Hiroko Kubota.

This minimalist pepper mill is stunning.

What is the 21K first class flight from Dubai to NY looks like. Documented by Casey Neistat.

– Another great attempt at a portable keyboard.

– Very inspiring. Brice Lee’s never-before-seen notebook.

All ads in London’s metro station have been replaced with cat pics. We need this on Time Square!

September 23, 2016


This project has been designed by Polish studio Modelina Architekci for a client who wanted to organize a small space where he can live and work. Maciej Kawecki, owner of Brandburg studio, found this small apartment and immediately knew this would be a perfect place for him. To create multifunctionality, designers built a modular box that houses both the kitchen and the office. The moving shelf can be removed and reveal a hiding area for Maciej’s 6-year-old son. The rest of the place left as open as possible. The dining/conference table can be wheeled around, depending on the situation. The bike rack and strategically selected visual elements in the room, turn the bike into an art object, when not in use. See more photos after the break.


September 22, 2016


When something as mundane as a smoke alarm is made to look this fun and whimsical, there are no excuses for boredom in other areas of life. Lento smoke detectors, designed by Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki, resemble big flies. Aside from being cool looking, these alarms are as technologically advanced as one would hope. The entire front surface of the piece functions as a test button. To avoid unintentional alarms, the device runs assuring checks by sampling the air several times. However, if false alarms occur, the smoke alarm is equipped with a Silence function, which silences the alarm temporarily for eight minutes. I know that all of you, stove grill lovers, will appreciate this. The device comes in four colors, available for purchase here.


September 21, 2016


This amazing staircase is part of an apartment in Bordeaux, France, designed by Mickaël Martins Afonso and L’atelier miel. To maximize space, designers built shelves that provide a storage and display room for small objects. They also included hidden shoe storage that pulls our when needed. How clever!


September 20, 2016


Norwegian designer Falke Svatun designed this stunning minimalist vase, called Tumble. Thanks to its cut-out base, the vase can be perched on the edge of a table, shelf, or windowsill. Aside from its whimsical look, it also saves space. Unless, of course, you have a cat. Then, it will surely live up to its name. Comes in black and white.



I have a soft spot for pegboards and anything that resembles them, so this furniture line fell right into my thumbs up list. The Crisscross system, designed by UK-based designer Sam Wrigley, is a reusable modular furniture for nomads. It’s quick to build, easy to take apart. No tools required. Fabulous. And because it resembles a pegboard, there are endless storage possibilities. You can add hooks to it, hang things on it, display art, and so forth. Comes in four finishes. Check out the video after the break to see how it works.


September 19, 2016


Ori robotic furniture has been developed by MIT Media Lab and Yves Béhar in response to the growing trend of living in a small space and expecting the comforts of a much larger one. This furniture allows you to do just that. Ori is a modular intelligent unit that transforms the space from a living room to a bedroom, home office and so forth. It is achieved by clever folding mechanisms that house all the necessary components for this conversion. Hidden into the bottom of the unit is a comfortable bed that glides in and out. When tucked in, the bed is hidden under a closet, office and couch to maximize space. When activated, the unit slides in and out to become a bedroom or a more generous living room. One side of the unit hosts a full closet, but also hides a desk for a home office; the other side holds a media center for entertaining. Each room can be preset for a specific space, including preferred integrated lighting so that one touch on the physical interface or on the corresponding app will morph the room. Wonderful idea! Check out the animation after the break to see the product in action.



August 23, 2016


I totally missed this Kickstarter, but late is better than never, especially when cute greenery gear is concerned. The Livi planter, designed by San-Francisco based designer Hooman Koliji, looks like a gecko and sticks to any surface. The piece does not require any assembly and is ready to attach to a window (or other surfaces) in your home or office with a gentle push. Inspired by nature, Livi’s micro-suction palms are made of an innovative nanotechnology material that is able to bond with smooth surfaces repeatedly. The uses for this item are numberless. You can even use it for keeping utensils, writing tools, or other small items, if plants are not your thing. Available for preorder here.


August 1, 2016


This small apartment by studio PLANAIR delivers a record number of space-saving ideas. A tight 322 square meter pad, intelligently furnitured and laid out, contain a kitchen, dining/working area, bedroom, lounging area, and even a walk-in closet. How? By incorporating a multi-functional unit that transforms the room, depending on the desired activity. The series of mobile panels open and close to create privacy for sleeping, reveal a dining and working room, lift the bed to give access to the closet. Ingenius. See more photos after the break.




This gorgeous ladder made me look. Such a simple and utilitarian object wouldn’t usually call for elegant artsy forms, but the Triangle by Jeeyoung Yang is an exception from the rule. The piece folds flat and can class up any wall by hanging on it. It opens with a single swivel movement.