August 11, 2015


St. Louis based design studio Artifox has unveiled two space-saving items that compliment each other beautifully – desk and bike rack. Designers call their creations ‘artifacts’, emphasizing the uniqueness of their design: “We believe that as our world changes – so should the spaces we live in.  That’s why we’re dedicated to the evolution of modern artifacts – adapting them for your life.” Both pieces are offered in the choice of walnut or maple wood. The desk comes in two heights, sitting and standing. It also features two-level cord control (compartment for your outlets and fasteners for keeping the remaining visible cordage neat), built-in docking for your devices, writable surface, adjustable legs, and a hook for your bag or headphones. The minimalist rack is made to look equally good with or without a bike. Both pieces are available for purchase here.



To continue the cloud theme, this cloud shaped nightlight gets two thumbs up from me. The piece is made from powder coated metal. You can hang it on a wall or set it on a dresser as a decorative accent. I particularly love the perforated front, which lets just the right amount of light into the room. Available for purchase here.


August 7, 2015


– A three-question quiz to test your rationality.

– A Renaissance painting reveals how breeding changed watermelons. Amazing.

– Here’s an easy way to brighten the back to school gloom – rainbow pencils.

Hilarious names of English pubs.

– 14 beautiful Japanese words we all need.

And the prize for the best sneeze goes to…

– Interesting. How walking in nature changes the brain.

– And a much needed moment of silliness. An animation about butts.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

August 6, 2015


Designer Simon Woodroffe, creator of YO! Sushi and YOTEL, has recently unveiled an exciting new concept – YO! Home. A technologically advanced take on compact living, YO! Home introduces many unexpected space-saving ideas. “Homes are our refuge, our rock. – designer says. – Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. YO! Home is that new invention.” The space-saving ideas and techniques for this new home were borrowed from yacht and automotive design, stage production, and other diverse fields. Check out the photos after the break to see all of them.


August 4, 2015


These cloud shaped cork boards by Design Ideas made me look. Small enough to fit any space, they can be perfect for a kids room, dorm, home office, or any other place where pinning things to the wall is appropriate. Made of naturally regenerative cork, these boards come in two sizes. Each has both double-sided foam tape and peel-and-stick magnets for hanging. Available for purchase here.


August 3, 2015


The great swissmiss has recently adopted a cat. Whoo-hoo, I say, for I am excited to see many cool and designy cat accessories she will inevitably discover. Here is a very lovely one – Felt Cat Bed from AgnesFelt. Sold here.


August 2, 2015

If you like to cook and do it often, you will looove this invention. Designers and cooking enthusiasts, Johannes Schreiter & Joseph Schreiter, created a perfect kitchen station. It combines a quality board with integrated containers. These containers can be used for utensils, your favorite ingredients, disposal, storage, you name it. And because all elements are seamlessly integrated to compliment each other, you achieve a perfect flow in your cooking. Genius. Watch a fun video above to see the product in action. Currently Kickstarting.


July 28, 2015


Polish designer Szymon Hanczar managed to squeeze all basics of a proper living space, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, longing area, storage, all in this small, unadorned 140 sq ft apartment. And the place looks quite airy too. Pretty amazing. The apartment even includes a washing machine, skillfully hidden inside the built-in closet. I also like the idea of a hammock as a couch substitute. Practically, the same level of lounging, achieved without blocking the view and cutting the floor space in half. See more photos after the break.


July 24, 2015


Trying to work in a cat cafe. Impossible.

– Interesting. Apparently there are four types of introverts.

– Absolutely love this retro specs inspired contact lens case.

Hackers can remotely kill a driving car. A disturbing thought.

Views of Pluto through the years. Amazing.

– What a fantastic idea. Book and Bed hotel.

Does purple color exist? Fascinating video.

– This is quite possibly the cutest teabag I’ve ever seen.

– Breathtaking timelaps video. Edge of Stability.

– This will definitely put you in the weekend mood. Dog bouncing through a field.

Have a good one, guys!

July 23, 2015


Repotting a plant is a big chore (and in my case, a sure death sentence to a plant). Which is why London based studio Ayaskan created Growth, a smart adaptable pot that changes its size to fit its inhabitant’s needs. The origami-like creases unfold to add volume. A simple and elegant solution. And it makes the dreaded procedure a lot easier. Just add soil, and it’s done.