August 23, 2016


I totally missed this Kickstarter, but late is better than never, especially when cute greenery gear is concerned. The Livi planter, designed by San-Francisco based designer Hooman Koliji, looks like a gecko and sticks to any surface. The piece does not require any assembly and is ready to attach to a window (or other surfaces) in your home or office with a gentle push. Inspired by nature, Livi’s micro-suction palms are made of an innovative nanotechnology material that is able to bond with smooth surfaces repeatedly. The uses for this item are numberless. You can even use it for keeping utensils, writing tools, or other small items, if plants are not your thing. Available for preorder here.


August 1, 2016


This small apartment by studio PLANAIR delivers a record number of space-saving ideas. A tight 322 square meter pad, intelligently furnitured and laid out, contain a kitchen, dining/working area, bedroom, lounging area, and even a walk-in closet. How? By incorporating a multi-functional unit that transforms the room, depending on the desired activity. The series of mobile panels open and close to create privacy for sleeping, reveal a dining and working room, lift the bed to give access to the closet. Ingenius. See more photos after the break.




This gorgeous ladder made me look. Such a simple and utilitarian object wouldn’t usually call for elegant artsy forms, but the Triangle by Jeeyoung Yang is an exception from the rule. The piece folds flat and can class up any wall by hanging on it. It opens with a single swivel movement.


July 29, 2016


9 epic responses to legal threats.

– A book fetishist in me is jealous. The Secret Apartments of New York Libraries.

– These hedgehog dryer balls are all kinds of adorable.

– A funny tribute to all husbands out there.

One of my favorite blogs is now a book, and just as hilarious.

– Interactive map of Game of Thrones.

– Cuteness galore. This porcupine doesn’t like to share.

Weather can be entertaining (and scary).

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Every cat owner has been there. You buy a space-consuming piece of cat furniture, spend a lot of money, assemble it, only to find out that your cat prefers the box it came in. That’s cat logic for you. Designers at BoxKitty must have experienced the same phenomenon, which is why they came up with this clever solution. Based on a cardboard box cats love so much, the product arrives flat and contains eight different container types. With these elements, you can build an infinite number of configurations, which you can change at any point to keep your cat and yourself entertained. The assembly is achieved via hook and loop sticky tabs, so it’s simple and fast. Double-layer corrugated cardboard is scratch resistant, strong and even water repellent so that cat accidents can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action. Available for purchase here.


July 28, 2016

Here is a worthy and already well-loved project: Sticotti bookshelf and coat rack. Sustainably made in Argentina, the pieces are modular and can fit space of any size. Thanks to the interlocking principle, the assembly is quick and painless. No toxic glue, no heavy lifting. Just a clever idea masterfully brought to life. Watch the video above to see the products in more detail. See the life stream of the production process here. Currently Kickstarting.



This beautiful knife holder made me look. Made from wooden branches, in all their natural glory, these pieces bring an air of art into everyday routine. Each rack is unique in its shape, color, and size. Fitted with strong magnets, it is perfectly functional too. A beautiful and unusual way to free your counters and display your prized knives with pride. Available for purchase here.


July 26, 2016


This sleek and compact speaker by studio Nepsu is perfectly geared for a small home. Unobtrusive and fully customizable with interchangeable magnetic panels, it blends beautifully with any decor. It can be placed on a surface, hanged on the wall, it even fits into corners thanks to its triangular shape. The advanced tech inside these little speakers allows you to place them in several rooms and activate them simultaneously, a great convenience during party situations. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action. Available for preorder here.



July 20, 2016


This unusual collection takes the idea of folding furniture to the whole new level. Designer Jongha Choi created a line called De-dimension _ From 2D to 3D. As the name suggests, the pieces fold into a believable 2D artwork, and can be easily unfolded to create actual 3D furniture, namely seating or tables. And once you are done using them, they go back up on the wall. The folding mechanism allows you to achieve this transformation in one swift movement. Neat. Watch the video after the break to see the pieces in action.


July 11, 2016


I love the quiet elegance of this small loft in Taipei, Taiwan. Young creatives from A Little Design studio managed to build an airy and serene dwelling, with only 236 square feet to work with. The flow of this apartment contributes to the illusion of spaciousness. The narrow passage between the kitchen and the bedroom opens up to the living room, immediately creating a feeling to a much bigger room. The built-in couch is quite big to accommodate enough people, yet it is out of the way, tucked in next to the window. The bar tables, placed against the wall, also take very little space. They double as a desk, and, if guests are over, they can be put together in the middle of the room to create one full-size dinner table. The swing-arm lamp rotates between the desk and a couch. The loft contains a bed and another small desk. High shelves complete this interior, providing storage and an illusion of height.