January 15, 2015

Here is a cool idea – a line of furniture that is assembled by way of powerful magnets instead of adhesive or metal fasteners. Dock 312, a young design firm from Chicago, introduced a series of goodlooking side tables, all featuring flat-pack principle and intuitive, tactile assembly without the use of tools. Each design is also reversible – just turn it upside down, replace the glass top and the piece instantly turns into a whole new table. Powerful magnets add sturdiness to the structure. A great concept.



This bookish planter by Yuki Yamamoto of Japanese design duo YOY is not only a thing of beauty, but a thing of utility as well. Disguised as a tome, it sits on a shelf or a table next to your actual books, bringing a touch of greenery to your room. The piece is made of PMMA and PVC for waterproofing. If you open the cover page, the planter stands on it’s own, and you can see the soil inside. The title of the book is “The Life of Plants.” Clever.


January 9, 2015


This alarm app donates to a charity of your choice when you snooze. Genius.

– Absolutely mesmerizing. A time-lapse of a major shoebox renovation in Russia.

– Liking this book: You Have Too Much Shit.

– Space nerds, feast your eyes on this 1.5 billion pixel photograph of the Andromeda galaxy.

– Probably the most hilarious cosplay I’ve seen.

– Two thumbs up to whoever designed this Whale tea infuser.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

January 8, 2015


The Brooks series of wooden furniture by the Greycork company makes a lot of sense. The line consists of three items – a dining table/desk, coffee table and a bench. All pieces feature solid wooden tops, supported by the collapsible legs. The folding mechanism is intuitive enough to make storing and moving this furniture a breeze. I love the grey legs, in particular.


January 7, 2015

The Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose upright organizer made of solid hardwood. It is a handcrafted modular clothing hanger, bag holder, gadget shelf, mirror, magnet board, key holder, and shoe shelf all in one slender package. Born out of necessity, the piece was envisioned by Jason van der Burg of Urbanworm Design, while designer lived in a tiny room of a shared apartment. He needed something compact, functional and elegant to hold his entryway items (as, indeed, many of us do). The Leaning Loop comes in ash, cherry, walnut, rift white oak, or maple. You can choose between a magnetic blackboard or magnetic mirror and customize your hardware. And the best part for renters (and/or gals) – no drilling of the wall is required.



I am a kitchen gadgeteer, and this item by studio Caveman Factory, made me reach for my wallet like nothing else. Anton Strainer Bowl is a very cool idea. It sits on your counter without mixing with dirty dishes and sink bacteria. The specific shape of the piece allows you to submerge your veg in water (a trick to removing pesticides) without using another dish. The strainer is quite a looker, so you can even serve your food in it. A great hardworking item for a small kitchen. Sold here.


January 5, 2015


This minimalist apartment, designed by Antwerpen based studio Van Staeyen Interieur, features two small bedrooms, divided by a bathroom. In order to maximize the space, designers covered an entire wall with built-ins for sleeping and storage. The discreet nook provides privacy along with additional shelving, placed around a queen bed. A step pulls out of a drawer to provide easy access. I love the simplicity of this solution. Also, the use of primary colors in the interior is beautiful.

(via dornob)


December 16, 2014


Smartrobe is a clever creation by German designer Wolfgang Riegger for his label Carrothead. This versatile storage piece can be attached to the wall, shelf, even railing in your closet, and serve as a simple and convenient way to unload your pockets. Made out of birch, without plastic or adhesives, Smartrobe can be assembled in seconds, and taken apart when not needed.


December 9, 2014


These table trestles by Czech studio Master & Master are a fantastic idea for any small apartment. Stackable and lightweight, they can be used with any tabletop, and stored away when not in use. The trestles are available in five colors and two heights, allowing you to create a dining table/desk or a coffee table. Neat!


December 6, 2014


– Space nerds will LOVE this website – Wiki Sky.

This is how they make shrimp in Japan.

– My friend Donald Rattner (creator of Module-R) wrote a book. And proved ones again that our tastes are incredibly similar.

Beautiful haiku topographical experiments by Eli Kleppe.

Meanwhile in Russia

– Absolutely love these Mondrian inspired post-its.

How to make scrambled eggs without cracking a shell.

– Possibly the coolest keyboard ever.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!