February 9, 2016


Copenhagen based young designer Mads Sætter-Lassen has recently won a student competition launched by studio Northern Lighting with his minimalist and multifunction lamp, Buddy. The piece is now being produced. “The name comes from the idea of creating a little helper, – designer says. – A little buddy that could literally give you a hand with carrying your essentials – whether it is your pencils on the desktop, or to store your keys and change in the entrence.” The lamp is made from powder coated steel and comes in white, black, gray, and red.


February 8, 2016


The Uzu vacuum cleaner by Japanese studio Metaphys is a thing of aesthetic beauty. It is also functionally intuitive. To start the piece, simply pull the hose away from the body. The rechargeable battery eliminates annoying cordage, and all the elements seamlessly interlock for compactness. In fact, Uzu is so inconspicuous and easy on the eye, you don’t have to hide it in a cabinet. That’s one way to approach the storage problem. A very, very clever way.



February 4, 2016


This tiny 30 square meter (approx. 323 square feet) apartment in Budapest has been designed by Position Collective specifically to accommodate people traveling to the area. The biggest highlight (and a functional cornerstone) of the space is an elevated platform that supports the bed and provides storage at the same time. I also love the peg wall, which houses bookshelves on one side of a divider, and kitchen storage on another. Very clever use of space. See more photos after the break.



February 3, 2016


The humor behind this light made me look. The Dear Head sconce, created by Chen Bikovski of Popup Lighting, was envisioned as both a lighting fixture and a piece of wall art. The origami-like deer head truly comes to life when the light is turned on. The etherial antlers are reflected on the wall. The piece comes in cardboard or aluminum and a variety of colors. Available for purchase here.


February 1, 2016


Displaying a toothbrush is an unavoidable evil, which gets especially annoying in a minimalist space. So, why let a little utilitarian object cramp your style? Designers at Bruzzoni Global answered this question with an elegant product: possibly the handsomest toothbrush I have seen to date. Just as advanced in doing its thing as you would expect, but much more aesthetically pleasing. Comes in black and white. Available for preorder here.


January 29, 2016


– If you are a Lovecraft geek (I am), you’ll be pleased by this. Arkham recreated with toy trains.

Alton Brown reviews the most useless kitchen gadgets.

– I’ve always loved this leaning minimalist console. Perfect shoebox dweller’s item!

– These air bonsais are fantastic.


– Interesting article. Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.

Nat Geo’s best photos of 2015. Feast your eyes.

– If you haven’t seen this video of a dog enjoying a hot tub, I think it’s important that you do.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys!

January 28, 2016


I am very excited about this Kickstarter (which is already fully funded, which comes as no surprise). Prept Pack is a clever lunch system, comprised of a lunch box and an app. The box holds your meals in a series of modular leak-proof containers, and the app provides recipes measured ideally for these containers, plus it tracks your eating habits. The attractive wooden box, complete with the silicon mat and magnetic utensils, make up the last touch to the lunching experience. They seem to have thought this through. Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.



This small apartment in San Francisco has been designed by studio ICOSA, who created a custom space-saving loft to accommodate many functions inside a limited space. Custom designed and pre-fabricated, this project combines a guest bed, dining room, full-size closet, spacious bedroom, and dynamic workspace in a single compact unit. There is even some storage incorporated underneath the ladder leading to the elevated bed. And of course, most pieces are pulling a double shift – dining table works as a desk, murphy bed doubles as a whiteboard, loft bed’s base provides a surface for lighting. Beautiful idea and execution. See more photos after the break for details.

Photography by Brian Flaherty


January 20, 2016


This inventive little apartment has been designed by Bucharest based architects Bogdan Ciocodeica and Diana Rosu. The place consists of a living/dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and an office. All these rooms are very compact. But instead of breaking the walls to create a more spacious layout, the architects created multifunctional furniture to salvage more room. My favorite piece is a murphy dining table, which can fit into the wall like a puzzle, when not in use. The custom built shelving unit next to the dining area expands beyond the wall, visually lengthening the view of the room. Another beautiful idea is the built-in storage boxes inside the elevated floor panels in the office. See more photos of this creative apartment after the break.


January 19, 2016


Bottleship Mark 2 is a midcentury classic by renown Ernest Race and a reminder that well-designed things don’t age. A witty little hybrid between a mini-bar and a magazine rack has all the potential to be a shoebox hit. It is compact, multifunctional, and packs lots of character. Available for purchase here.

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