February 10, 2015


Here is a cool way to lift your greenery off the counters and windowsills – Well Light. Designed by Toronto based studio Object Interface, this light fixture doubles as a planter. The shape of the lampshade is ideal for the plants to receive enough sunlight, while the body of the lamp is made of cast aluminum with an acid etched glass diffuser. The Well Light pendant lamp comes in black, white, or a combination of the two.


February 9, 2015


This witty and fun shelving set has been designed by Italian studio Officina41. Inspired by the Do Not Disturb sign, these little shelves offer just a perfect space and function ratio for an entryway area. The set includes a hanger with valet tray, hanger with mirror and a hanger with a letter and key holder. You can combine them or use them individually, depending on your space limitations. The shelves are made from powder brushed metal and come in five colors: white, canary yellow, ferrari red, aqua green and ocean blue.


February 6, 2015


– Amazing visual. Evolution of the moon in 30 seconds.

– Simple and great advice on getting out of a bad place. (via swissmiss)

– I keep coming back to this minimalist clock. Wishlisted.

Social media culture shown through graffiti.

The smartest bed ever made – Luna.

57 things you can do to be a better cook. Some were new to me.

– This guy has a mind-blowing archery technique.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!


Here is another notable product launching campaign – Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1 by Yois Design. In spite of its unusually long name, the product itself is very compact and small space friendly. The desk doesn’t have legs. Instead it sits on a set of wall mounted brackets. As a user, you have the freedom to install the brackets at any height you prefer, to use it whether sitting or standing. Neat. You can also move around with the desk, use the groove in its surface for your phone or tablet, and, when done, store the desk flat against the wall. Available for purchase through the currently running Kickstarter campaign.


February 5, 2015


What shoebox dweller doesn’t dream of a personal washing machine. This is one of the luxuries that we often deprived of. But this portable piece seems to be just the thing. The Dolfi washing machine is smaller than a cell phone, it is quiet, gentle to delicate clothing, and it can be a perfect solution for travel and tiny apartments. The trick is in the ultrasonic technology that pushes dirt out of the fabric. Just fill the sink or a basin, add some laundry detergent, drop Dolfi in the mix, and walk away. Brilliant. This Indiegogo project is already funded, but you can still pledge to get your Dolfi.


February 4, 2015


Golden Biscotti is my new Etsy love. Product designer Nicole Lehner, the creative force behind the brand, has taken simple everyday objects to new aesthetic heights. I especially like the desk organizer, pictured above. All objects are handmade in Switzerland, from natural materials without using any toxic dyes. Wishlisted and giftlisted.


February 3, 2015


The 360 shelf, created by Slovenian designer Luka Pirnat, is probably the most unusual storage concept I’ve seen. Minimalist and unobtrusive, the piece rotates (hence the name) to fit your storage need or preference. “360 shelf is made to fit, – designer says. – It has an enviable span that ranges from a chic shelf for books and zines, handy landing for tech, to space for simple stashing or displaying of all your favourite things under any angle.” I like the idea of having a compact, easily mountable parking spot for the things you need close to your daily trajectories. I can see myself using this shelf in the kitchen (for just one or two most prominent cookbooks), by the bedside (for my Kindle and notebooks), and near my desk (for important papers I need to deal with urgently). The project is currently in a funding stage. I hope it becomes a reality soon. Watch the video after the break to see it in action.



This little desk is a great idea for people who want to break the sedentary routine and try different positions while working on a laptop or tablet. Acute by Yorkshire based studio Bee9 is designed to make working and relaxing sat on the floor ergonomically more comfortable to do, with the option to use it as a standing desk, on top of a worktop. The desk leans over at 15° to create an ideal surface to work on and is designed to be used with books, notepads, laptops and tablets. The removable rest is made up of two parts, it keeps everything where it should be and allows you to adapt the surface to different tasks. The horizontal shelf serves as storage for books and papers. And if you’re not using Acute as a desk, stand it on its side, to use as a compact table or stool with a minimal footprint.


January 26, 2015


Loopholes by Belgian studio Atelier Belge is a fine example of modular storage. Comprised of a steel grid and multiple storage add-ons, Loopholes can serve organizing needs practically in any area of a home. The hooks, containers, and shelves can be mixed and rearranged. There is no limit to what this system can do. You can use it in the kitchen, home office, entryway, bathroom; you can even turn it into a hanging garden wall. The grid comes in black and white powder-coated steel, the shelving components are made from natural wood, the hooks and trays are made of powder-coated steel. Available for purchase here.


January 23, 2015


– Super spectacular flight over night NYC.

– Fascinating. Daily routines of famous people.

– Really heart this clever iPhone 6/6+ case.

– This is my kind of establishment – Romeow.

Zombie choir. A hilarious way to procrastinate.

Free books! If you are a Nook person, they are.

– And something for the senses – amazing formations of birds in the sky

Have a great weekend, guys!