October 22, 2014


The Indoor Stoop by Thing Industries encompasses everything I love about good design. It is compact, well thought-out, aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional. Featuring three soft-close drawers with peg board surface, the Indoor Stoop works well in any area of your apartment for storage of clothes, books, stationary, papers, kitchen supplies, or just about anything. It can also be used as a step ladder for reaching things, a display area for showing things, or as extra seating. And it’s made in Brooklyn. Sweet.

(via minimalissimo)


October 10, 2014


I fell in love with the FollowMe lamp, designed by Inma Bermúdez for Marset. Portable and compact, it can be taken anywhere inside and outside of your house/apartment. Perfect for small spaces, kids’ rooms, fire escape parties and folks who have recently moved (and require a versatile lighting object). The polycarbonate lampshade is supported by the oak handle, that beckons you to pick it up. The FollowMe lamp comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.


October 7, 2014

For all you espresso nerds out there – here is a perfectly brewed shot wherever you are. Minipresso is a compact manual espresso maker, that takes less space than a regular coffee mug. Perfect for the office, camping, travel, and, of course, tiny city apartments. Available for purchase here.

October 1, 2014

This cool apartment in Brooklyn used to be a bare open space with a garage. The roommates Adam Finkelman and Evan Garfield transformed it into a functional two-bedroom pad, perfectly tailored to their needs. And they did it without hiring a designer or contractor! The bedrooms are tiny, but well-thought-out. They include all the essentials – loft beds, stendup desks and hidden storage. The ample space, dedicated to the living and dining areas, is used to entertain, host at home music performances and supper clubs. How rad is that… Check out the video for the full tour of the apartment. Lots of DIY space-saving ideas there.

September 17, 2014


A cat lady in me is very excited by this initiative. More than 12 Los-Angeles architecture practices participated in a one-night-only exhibition event to raise money for animal charity FixNation. The exhibit was titled Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” and consisted of cat houses of every shape or form. Some of these creations look pretty obscure, but some could be an attractive and fun cat home/playground. Read more about the fundraiser here.



This beautifully simple self-watering planter makes a lot of sense. Created by Boskke, the piece features an in-built reservoir and a “slo-flo” internal irrigation system that supplies plants with up to 4 weeks of moisture. The body of the pot is made of clear plastic, so you can witness the growing process. And also see when the water level is low. Neat. Available for purchase here.


September 13, 2014


– Brilliant (and perfect for blogs). Transform your website into an app in seconds.

– Argh, missed this Kickstarter… ButterUp knife. #wishlisted

– 7 pretty neat Netflix hacks.

If I was a smoker, I would totally buy this ashtray.

– A Molescine notebook, designed for Livescribe smart pens? Shut up and take my money.

– Saving a fat gopher. Hilarious.

– Lots of mind-blowing space photos here.

– Do you know how to take coffee naps properly? Read.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody!


If you’re tired of looking for your remote all the time, consider this – Kangaroo cushion from Objected Systems. One side of the cushion is equipped with beautiful wallet-like sleeve pockets. You can use them for your remotes, papers, magazines, notepads, you name it. A perfect way to keep everything, including your couch, organized.


September 12, 2014


Here is a simple and brilliant idea: instead of cumbersome and energy draining night lights, plugged into your outlets – how about an elegant discrete light, coming from the outlet itself. The SnapRays outlet cover by SnapPower has LED lights imbedded into its bottom edge. Two power extractors inside the cover snap around the electrical outlet receptacle making contact with the screws located on the side of the outlet to draw power. Simple and energy efficient! The light sensor detects when the light is needed and turns it on. Watch the video after the break to see the SnapRays in action. Available for purchase here.


September 11, 2014


Since we are on the subject of pet accessories, here is another cool item that caught my eye – Indiana Jones Cat Bridge. Designed by Portland, Oregon-based couple, Mike and Megan Wilson, the piece was first produced in a single edition for their own cats. As the demand grew, Mike and Megan extended their line of cat furniture and turned it into a full-time gig, called CatastrophiCreations. What I love about this particular item is that it utilizes a door frame. No matter how tiny the space is, everyone has a door…