January 3, 2013


LLSTOL, a heart-warming furniture success story, was born as an experiment in ergonomics in a small workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After several prototypes the two L-shaped objects were created. These two L-s have become perfect components for making up chairs, benches, coffee tables, shelving units and much more. The versatile concept was then successfully Kickstarted and produced by a local chair factory called STOL & STOL (hence the name). Now LLSTOL is available for purchase. Great, isn’t it? Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.


November 9, 2012

Pet furniture is luxury in a small space – it takes our valuable real estate while being often underused or even ignored by the intended user(s). That’s why I’m always grateful when I see the effort to incorporate pet lounging areas into the pieces we, human beings, can also use. The Hammock coffee table, created by Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata for E&Y, is a great example of such synergy. Made out of glass and stainless steel, the piece is elegant and contemporary. And the rattan hammock cat bed feature is unobtrusive and beautiful. If your cat adopts it – wonderful! If not – you can still use the coffee table and simply treat the hammock as additional storage.

(via inthralld)


October 2, 2012

Without any reservations – this must be the most innovative hybrid I’ve seen so far. The Random coffee/dining table by Germany based designer Philipp Grundhoefer is converted into either state by pivoting the legs (see the photos after the break). The simple L shape allows for both lengths to be seamlessly interchangeable. Once the legs are pivoted – the table top can be turned upside down, the leg lock into the slots and voilà – the new function is achieved. How simple and clever! The tabletop consists of alternating layers of oak and MDF, the legs are made of oak.


September 20, 2012

If you are an avid reader – you know how easy it is to turn your bedside area into a “librarint”. This minimalist and clever bedside table by Polish designer Pawel Grobelny, called Bookmark, is there to prevent the book clutter from growing, and it also allows you to keep track of your reading progress. The piece is a hybrid of a table, miniature bookcase and a bookmark. The internal storage area has two separate spaces – one for regular-sized books and one for magazines. An edge of the table works as a bookmark. The item can be used as a bedside or coffee table. It is made of powder coated steel and comes in three colors – white, black and yellow.


August 24, 2012

Netherlands based designer Ruben der Kinderen is the creative force behind this beautiful collection. Inspired by bushcraft (survival) techniques, these objects are assembled without screws or glue, but purely by using the forces of nature.

“I’m fascinated by survival and the things you can use in nature to make your stay comfortable,” – says Ruben. – “I went for 2 weeks to Sweden (into the wild-style) with a tent some food and my knife. By using different bushcraft techniques, to make my stay comfortable, i came to the conclusion that nothing in our own home interior has to by screwed or glued. Just by designing and making clever solutions everything can be of wood and rope.”

The system is modular. The tops of the tables are interchangeable, which provides for great flexibility. The simple and clever tripod construction is at the core of this project. At the bottom of the tabletop there is a chamber where the legs fit in. If there is a force on the tabletop the legs will spread, but as far as the walls of the chamber. Thus, the piece stays bendable and stable at the same time. A bright and elegant idea…


May 2, 2012

Paul and Paula tables were created by German designer Matthias Ferwagner for Nils Holger Moorman. Both tables feature reversible tabletops (you can choose between black and gray), made from untreated ash and covered with anti-slip linoleum layer. The airiness of the design comes from the stainless steel legs and the red synthetic fibre strings, connecting them visually. The tables, purposely designed in two different sizes, create a functional and striking combination. “Paul and Paula – they feel most comfortable as a couple and really shouldn’t be separated, so have a heart and take both of them home. Paul in meticulous black beside Paula in grey, casual and laid-back. Or Paula in black, half-shaded by her big brother – they always make a good impression with their reversible tabletops. Even alone they can effortlessly tempt you with their friendly nature and nonchalant cable design.” – says the designer.


March 26, 2012

This clever piece by much acclaimed Japanese designer Naoki Hirakoso has been recently revealed at the Tokyo Designers Week. The Yata Stool, a seemingly simple three-legged item, can do so much more than providing a place to sit. Thanks to the special grooves on the bottom of each leg, Yata can be stacked to create sturdy and elegant storage. It can also be arranged into a bench or a coffee table. And thanks to its star-like shape the stool fits into any corner beautifully. You can also stack these stools by crisscrossing and store them away without using too much space.


March 2, 2012


These cool minimalist objects were created by Belgian designer Mathieu Guyaux. Based on identical solid white oak parallelepiped, each element underwent a specific cut (hence, the name) to give it its own identity. These different cuts allow a large number of applications. You can turn each piece vertically, horizontally, or sideways and use it as a coffee table, side table, nightstand, umbrella stand, magazine rack, pedestal, you name it… Simple, beautiful, refreshing (love the lacquered color detail) and very useful in any space, big or small.


February 29, 2012


Vic is a hip and attractive coffee table, created by Viña del Mar based design studio Elemento Diseño (Jaime Zuñiga and Emmanuel Gonzalez). The piece is made of lacquered in white plywood and consists of only 3 pieces. This makes an assembly process a breeze (see the promo video to observe Vic in action). ‘Environmental performance is the best definition of this coffee table. In manufacturing there are few losses so that all parts are utilised to build a harmonious whole.’ – designers state on their website. Light, unobtrusive, easy to put together and environmentally friendly, it might just have it all.

(Via Minimalissimo)


February 15, 2012


table by Italian studio AK47 is a fun and multifunctional piece. It can be accessorized with various additional uses according to your changing tastes and necessities. The table can feature a planter, a candleholder or even a small elegant fireplace, thanks to the addition of a ready-to-assemble bioethanol burner kit. The tabletop is not really on a small size, but neither is a storage compartment underneath it, which can hold your books, periodics, work-related items and more. Beautiful, clever design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

(Via Urban Gardens)