July 21, 2011

Here is an idea – instead of throwing away packages from light bulbs, why not turn them into something useful and functional? This is what English illustrator and graphic designer Chris Anderson did. His Lamp is a socket that turns into a real table lamp in seconds. It is fun, simple, and unpretentious. And the product is made from recycled cardboard – another wholesome eco-friendly detail.

Here is something for the senses – an exciting special edition line, based on designs of renown French architect and designer Jean Prouvé. The project is called  Prouvé RAW and carried out by Swiss brand Vitra in collaboration with jeans manufacturer G-Star, who was the initiator of this makeover. According to Cool Hunting, 14 Prouvé’s classics, modernized and updated, are on display at the Vitra Fire Station in Weil am Rhein, Germany until 31 July 2011. Between October and November this year, nine of the pieces will be available to buy through Vitra.

July 4, 2011

This project breaches the gap between lighting and art. These Modular luminaries by Robert Hoffmann not only change shape and light intensity, they create endless number of effects on your wall. Made from aluminum and steel, these cubic fixtures can be manipulated by turning and tilting the surfaces. Check out the video to see Modular in action.

June 29, 2011

Here is a bright idea from Washington based company Rotoluxe. They combined tables and planters with CFL/LED lighting, creating a double function that is not only attractive, by also eco-conscious. All luminous pieces are made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes them environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is highly sustainable too – left over shavings and cut-away pieces go right back into the shredder to make fresh new parts. So, instead of cluttering a landfill, used plastic bottles and production scraps can illuminate and enhance the space around us. And that is a beautiful thing…

June 11, 2011

This minimalistic piece by Finnish designer Timo Niskanen was shown at the DMY Berlin festival this week. Called Change for more reasons than one, this coin deposit lamp encourages people to turn the light off after leaving the desk. Envisioned as a sustainable lighting solution for public places (libraries etc.), Change can definitely find its place in a private home as a symbolic reminder of our ecological footprint (and our electric bill). This clever and thoughtful design comes from Niskanen’s interest in human behavior and specifically, how it can take acount in design process. Here is how the designer explains his creative vision:  ‘We are surrounded with complicated and unnecessary things. I think a good product feels natural – it only bears the essential. A good designer creates an experience out of something simple and functional. An experience that is meaningful.’

June 6, 2011

A dishwasher is usually a ‘one trick pony’ kind of object, it rarely performs any functions other than doing your dishes (based on my personal experience – you are fairly lucky if it does just that). But wouldn’t it be brilliant if it could add more to your home? Designer Kim Joomin thought so. That is why he created this incredible concept for Elecrolux. The item, called Dishwasher L, is a light fixture that doubles as an appliance. Positioned over the dining table, Dishwasher L will handle plates, glasses and flatware, quickly eliminating the immediate mess. In addition to its obvious space-saving properties, the piece recycles & purifies used water for the next wash. Because what kind of a futuristic object it would be if it wasn’t eco friendly?..


June 2, 2011

This children’s lamp made me smile. Created by Chinese designer Zhao Liping, it comes in floor and pendant versions. The floor one has a pull shaped as a rain drop. How cute is that! The lamp only exists as a concept. It is made from white matte PVC, other materials are being considered. Cannot wait to see this piece produced…

May 30, 2011

Half lamp, half bookshelf, all brilliant… Called Readme, the piece belongs to German designer Peter Böckel. The shape of this unusual object resembles a lampshade with some characteristics of a small chest. The elegant hybrid includes two storage levels, one inside the ‘shade’ and another one – on top. The business part of Readme is made of steel and supported by four maple legs; the light is coming through the translucent top surface. The piece will be presented at DMY Berlin this week.

May 22, 2011

Made from recycled felt, the Dino table lamp by Deger Cengiz is both cozy and flexible. It is multifunctional as well. The base of the lamp can be used as a holder for various office supplies, snacks, loose change or even plants. Dino‘s neck is bendable in any direction, energy efficient LED light is bright and long-lasting… The piece was displayed at the Wanted Design Show during New York Design Week.

May 20, 2011

Someone I infinitely admire once said: ‘An object isn’t generous enough if it has just a single function.’ This room divider by Guadalajara based designer Diego Gutierrez Hermosillo is generous. In addition to its space-separating role, it also provides sitting, illumination, and visual delight. Called Zebra for its stripy wooden pattern, the piece looks equally amazing with and without LED light, enhancing space on both sides. A far cry from your average partition…