March 9, 2012

The Warp side table has been designed by Oliver Schick for Ligne Roset and recently unveiled at the IMM Cologne. Portable and lightweight, the piece is made of powdercoated steel and lacquered MDF. The object’s size is perfect for a TV night smack or a quick computing. The cleverly shaped based allows maximum leg room and takes minimum space. The handle is also a nice touch, it makes the piece look and feel mobil and easy to deal with. The neutral design of the object, paired with contemporary practicality, makes Warp a serious contender for a small urban setting.


March 2, 2012


These cool minimalist objects were created by Belgian designer Mathieu Guyaux. Based on identical solid white oak parallelepiped, each element underwent a specific cut (hence, the name) to give it its own identity. These different cuts allow a large number of applications. You can turn each piece vertically, horizontally, or sideways and use it as a coffee table, side table, nightstand, umbrella stand, magazine rack, pedestal, you name it… Simple, beautiful, refreshing (love the lacquered color detail) and very useful in any space, big or small.


February 20, 2012

This multifuncional minimalist piece, aptly called Within, has been created by a young Swedish designer and founder of Studio Vision, Mattias Stenberg. This unadorned white box, which can serve as a seat or a side table, comes apart to reveal sculturesque structure inside. What a beautiful way to double the seating!.. Designer elaborates: “‘Within’ is a two piece side table/seat. The pieces fit together completely and when closed that create the shape of a simple white box. As you gradually open the pieces you reveal the organically shaped ash structure. I have strived to create a very “engineered” or constructed look of the ash structure by using few straight lines and arranging the grain direction of the wood to increase the perception of depth.’ The piece has been recently presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.


February 10, 2012

This multifunctional piece by my fellow Brooklynite Isaac Krady has a lot to offer to a shoebox dweller. A clever little table, called Tre, can be adapted to different tasks and serve several purposes around your house. Designer explains: “Placed horizontally, the Tre can be used as a coffee table or an end table – its contour providing a nook for books and magazines. Placed vertically, the Tre works within the means of its name and doubles as a tray or laptop desk.” The piece is made from bent plywood.


February 2, 2012

These beautifully constructed side tables by London based designer Tomas Alonso can be folded flat in seconds. Collapsible and storage friendly, they comply perfectly with any, even extreme, space limitations. Designer describes: “Contemporary living in big cities like London, usually implies living in small spaces, spaces that need to be flexible for different uses and that will change from time to time, as we move from one flat to the next, which makes us ‘long term visitors’ in a way. This is a proposal for a “temporary” piece furniture that would accommodate to this kind of living.” The items are made from powder coated steel, ash and laminated plywood.


January 16, 2012

This table from Studio Uli Budde has a lot to be in love with. It is elegant, compact and loaded with functionality. The piece is a logical combination of coffee table, side table, and magazine rack. The central island is a practical surface for placing coffee, plates, sketchbook, or laptop. The area that wraps around is a storage space for books and magazines. The outside rim also serves as a bookmark when taking a break from reading. Simple and unobtrusive aesthetic of the reading table makes it perfect for the living room, bedroom or waiting room. The piece comes in two sizes.


December 15, 2011

The James side table, created by Oslo based design studio Gridy, made me look. This multifunctional piece can serve as a side table, and its removable top can double as a tray. Furthermore, this tray/tabletop conceals a clever storage compartment sufficient enough for a few books and newspapers, remotes, glasses and other small items. The materials include 3D veneer, MDF, and steel bolt. I like the simplicity of the table, its understated and elegant form. Would really like to see this piece hitting the market.

December 12, 2011

Ukrainian design couple Valeriy Kuznetsov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova of Decorkuznetsov studio created a series of fun and functional side tables that can double as seating. Made of ash and birch wood, these unusual creations are compact in size, contain storage and offer a lot in a way of character. Each seating table features a decorative backrest, which can also be used as a hook for clothes and other items. Side table on a daily basis, an extra seat in a party situation, and a strong statement at all times…

December 5, 2011

St. Charles is the name of a lovely multifunctional item created by Spanish design studio håus and recently unveiled at Habitat Valencia trade show as part of a larger collection of eco-friendly multifunctional objects. This particular piece can serve as a stool, side table, night table or occasional table. It even has a slot for a lamp from the same line, which makes it even easier to adopt to its changing roles. St. Charled (as well as other håus items) is also demountable so it can be shipped flat, saving money and resources. Clean, uncomplicated, functional design, perfect for small apartments or dorms.

November 10, 2011

Dual function is a highly beautiful thing, especially when the space limitations are an issue. Singapore based designer Wan Xuan Lim went beyond the dual function. His Lounge Stool can serve not two, not even three but four roles: chair, stool, side table and serving tray. I especially like the idea of a tray ‘serving’ as the back of a chair. The item is compact, truly multifunctional and stackable for easily storage. The Lounge Stool as a concept design so far. I really wish to see it produced!