August 17, 2012

This cool multifunctional stool belongs to ideaco, an innovative design agency known for many organizing ideas. This particular piece provides extra seating where it is needed, and, thanks to a clever cubby in its base, some extra storage too. Rack & Stool can be placed near the sofa, in the office, serve as a bumrest in an entryway… There is truly no limit to how you use it. The piece comes in many different colors too. Sweet.


March 26, 2012

This clever piece by much acclaimed Japanese designer Naoki Hirakoso has been recently revealed at the Tokyo Designers Week. The Yata Stool, a seemingly simple three-legged item, can do so much more than providing a place to sit. Thanks to the special grooves on the bottom of each leg, Yata can be stacked to create sturdy and elegant storage. It can also be arranged into a bench or a coffee table. And thanks to its star-like shape the stool fits into any corner beautifully. You can also stack these stools by crisscrossing and store them away without using too much space.


March 21, 2012

This unusual piece of furniture, created by Taiwan based designer Kenyon Yeh for cooima, was inspired by two bulletin board classics – pushpin and cork. Yeh used the lightness and forgiving qualities of cork to craft this multifunctional item. You can use it as a stool or flip it over and turn it into a side table. What a lovely idea! Just be prepared to fight the urge of sticking notes to it – the curse of cork surfaces…


February 20, 2012

This multifuncional minimalist piece, aptly called Within, has been created by a young Swedish designer and founder of Studio Vision, Mattias Stenberg. This unadorned white box, which can serve as a seat or a side table, comes apart to reveal sculturesque structure inside. What a beautiful way to double the seating!.. Designer elaborates: “‘Within’ is a two piece side table/seat. The pieces fit together completely and when closed that create the shape of a simple white box. As you gradually open the pieces you reveal the organically shaped ash structure. I have strived to create a very “engineered” or constructed look of the ash structure by using few straight lines and arranging the grain direction of the wood to increase the perception of depth.’ The piece has been recently presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.


January 18, 2012

This project from Berlin based studio Ambivalenz is aesthetically pleasing and makes a lot of sense too. The collection of collapsible pieces – chair, stool and coat rack – can be stored completely flat. But here is the kicker – one side of each piece features artwork, so it can be displayed on the wall instead of occupying your closet. What a neat idea! I also quite like the string folding/unfolding mechanism that brings the stool and the coatrack in motion. The stool can be turned upside down and serve as a magazine rack. Plain white versions of each item are also available. The Ambivalenz collection is currently displayed at the Designers Fair 2012 in Cologne.


January 12, 2012

This simple and clever shelving system by Mehtap Obuz of Demirden Design for Ilio is modular and can perform several tasks. Comprised of light wooden components, Katkat can be stacked as high or as low as you want. And because there are two sets of connecting holes in each segment, you can adjust the height of the shelves – perfect for oversized books of magazines. And if you need extra seating, each unit can serve as a stool. The item is light, intuitive in assembly and visually stimulating. The piece can be made from oak, walnut and/or african padouk, which is another beautiful variable – you can mix and match layers of different colors.


December 5, 2011

St. Charles is the name of a lovely multifunctional item created by Spanish design studio håus and recently unveiled at Habitat Valencia trade show as part of a larger collection of eco-friendly multifunctional objects. This particular piece can serve as a stool, side table, night table or occasional table. It even has a slot for a lamp from the same line, which makes it even easier to adopt to its changing roles. St. Charled (as well as other håus items) is also demountable so it can be shipped flat, saving money and resources. Clean, uncomplicated, functional design, perfect for small apartments or dorms.

November 10, 2011

Dual function is a highly beautiful thing, especially when the space limitations are an issue. Singapore based designer Wan Xuan Lim went beyond the dual function. His Lounge Stool can serve not two, not even three but four roles: chair, stool, side table and serving tray. I especially like the idea of a tray ‘serving’ as the back of a chair. The item is compact, truly multifunctional and stackable for easily storage. The Lounge Stool as a concept design so far. I really wish to see it produced!


October 3, 2011

These modular tables from Made strike with the simplicity of form and the beauty of natural materials. Handcrafted from reclaimed beams recovered from old buildings and structures, the Cascade tables celebrate wood in all its glory – with knots, and nail and bolt holes. And because the items are comprised of modular components, they come in many different sizes. The independent parts of these tables can be used as stools and/or side tables. Clever and visually stunning.

September 9, 2011

If you are an eco-conscious typography geek, you will like this collection. The A Range by London based design company ByAlex includes a stool, side table and a coat stand, all of which are based around two interlocking ‘A’-s (hence the name). These A-shaped structures keep the furniture strong and stable. The pieces are highly adaptable and can play many roles around the house – occasional tables, plant stands, even mini-desks. All items are made from accredited birch plywood, which makes for a responsible eco-friendly design.