May 1, 2014


I never would have thought that such a prosaic thing as a broom holder could be so aesthetically pleasing. Pennsilvania based studio Minam created this little storage item to improve on a traditional broom holder idea. The piece is attractive enough to allow storing the broom on the wall for easy access. Available for purchase here.



Since we’re on the subject of workspace organization, consider this clever item – Lifta. This minimalist desk organizer serves three purposes at once: it lifts your computer to the proper ergonomic height, offers a place to store peripherals, and keeps your desk tidy. It also looks rather nice, showing the beautiful grain of natural wood. The piece comes in thee finishes – Baltic birch plywood, ash and oak. Wishlisted.



MeetMyDesk is an attractive minimalist piece created by Danish designer Frederic Alexander Werner. I like how ample storage is in this small workspace. The desk features a drawer, paper compartment and a transportable box. The frame is made of solid Danish ash, the surface is covered by durable laminate, and the legs are made of powder coated steel. A beautiful piece for a small home office.


April 28, 2014


Brilliant folks at Normal Projects, whose work I featured in some of my previous posts, shared their latest space-saving invention – Partywall. Designed for a private apartment in Chelsea, New York, this clever solution turns an entryway into an elegant entertaining area, complete with bar, tap, refrigerator, humidor for cigars, wine cabinet and lots of storage. Here is how designers describe their creation: “Part wallflower, part party animal. A multiple personality appliance for entertaining with a few surprises up its sleeves.” Indeed. My favorite element is the sliding panel that reveals a dining table. Walnut burl cabinetry with integral LED lighting adds a luxurious touch to the entire piece. See more photos after the break.


April 25, 2014


- Chilling app reveals security cameras all around you.

- How to moonwalk. Nice!

- New 10 commandments.

- Light is time – a stunning light installation in Milan.

- This minimalist background noise website is adorable (via swissmiss).

- A new way to tie your tie – pretty neat.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!

April 22, 2014

UrbMat Outdoor Growing Front

It’s almost time for balcony gardening, and this compact solution can be a perfect contender for a limited outdoor space. UrbMat is a small-space garden idea that takes the guesswork out of growing your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers. All you need is a small area of dirt or a raised bed 3X2 feet in size to get started. The seeds come in protective encasements, GrowUps, that already include all that is needed for a plant to flourish - a mix of chili powder, compost, worm castings, and clay. Simply lay UrbMat on top of the soil, press the GrowUps into the corresponding holes, and leave it to do its magic. I think, even I can do that.



Human fascination with fire knows no space boundaries. Even shoebox dwellers want to have fire places. This minimalist item from Acquaefuoco can fit the bill for the most space challenged of us. Compact and elegant, the fireplace utilizes bio-ethanol. It will add a lot of warmth and character to your apartment without adding any mess of a traditional fireplace. Available for purchase here.


April 18, 2014


This unusual studio apartment has been designed by Polish design studio Mili Mlodzi Ludzie for the client who loves minimalism. I love how designers handled this small space/small budged project, they managed to furnish and equip a 26 m2 apartment, and, in spite of the limitations, make it truly original. In order to achieve the uncluttered appearance, the desk, TV, storage space and kitchen are all hidden within the white front panels. Handles along with the lines on the ceiling and walls, are arranged in a broken pattern, giving a unique character to the room. “We decided to put the night zone above the bathroom to free the client and the zero level from the daily routine of bed making, – designers explain. – Contrasting statements are extracting from low-cost and common materials and giving them new values.” See more photos after the break.


April 11, 2014


- A butter factory transformed into a sculptural modern apartment. Stunning.

- Fascinating stuff. 8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today.

- Cool idea. A ring that holds your tech.

- How big is the space. A fun interactive website.

- A very touching video of a deaf woman who hears for the first time.

- A pocket printer. Very neat indeed.

- Interesting animation. Writers’ Block.

- And something for the senses - Photos from Japan’s 2014 Cherry Blossom Season.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Every design project that reduces cordage clutter makes me feel grateful. The OneLess desk from Heckler Design does that while maintaining compact size, which makes it perfect for small apartments. The piece is made of 12-gauge powder coated steel (except for the feet, those are polypropylene so they won’t scratch the floor). It features a rare facing shelf underneath the tabletop that can contain all your cables and cords, freeing the main surface for more elegant objects. The desk comes in a variety of colors.