February 19, 2014


Netherlands based designer Roderick Vos came up with this brilliant hybrid. Bucketlight is a pendant lighting fixture on one side and a planter on the other. The need for this piece was born from the love for greenery and the lack of floor space in designer’s office. Having proven itself useful in a commercial environment, Bucketlight can be a good idea for a small dwelling by the same token. It takes no floor or counter space, it provides more light without adding any cordage clutter, and it brings a little jungle into an urban home. What’s not to love. The lamp is available for purchase from designer’s website.

(via mocoloco)


February 18, 2014


The Inlandsis desk is collaborative effort of two French designers Mathilde Roman and Pauline Androlus. Inspired by glaciers (hence the name), the piece features the cluster of pegs of different height, which not only creates an interesting visual landscape, but also provides clever storage. You can use the pegs to hold various papers and files, display photographs, even hang things. Another interesting storage idea, implemented in this project, is the flexible textile pocket underneath the desktop. You can use it for books, tablets, even a laptop. I love how unobtrusive and intuitive this storage is. It conquers clutter without any aesthetic sacrifices.


February 14, 2014


- A leafy tunnel of love in Ukraine.

- These long exposure photographs of fireflies are magical.

- Neodymium magnet + think copper pipe = best toy ever!

- Beautiful project. New York snaps into focus through bespectacled animated cinemagraphs.

- Three awesome ways to tie a scarf (via swissmiss).

- Absolutely mind-blowing – a four-year-old plays the piano better than many masters.

- This cube lamp is amazing.

- If you haven’t seen this Russian figure skater yet, you should. The music – “you don’t give up on love.”

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, dears! Enjoy your weekend.

February 13, 2014

This video shows the day in a life of the resident of the compact unorthodox loft, built by Spanish studio Elii. The Didomestic apartment, as the architects call it, occupies a refurbished attic in downtown Madrid. The open layout is achieved by suspending nearly all functional elements from the ceiling. This way each area can play multiple roles, depending on the situation. The design also features multiple built-ins, hiding ample storage in the walls, floors and ceiling. The sliding panels allow zoning the space, adding privacy when needed. The video is created by photographer and filmmaker Miguel de Guzmán. See more images of the apartment after the break.


February 12, 2014


Hi Bench is a clever low key object that any entryway can use. Created by the young American designer Bridget Sheehan, it brings simplicity and function into the space it occupies. The piece provides a spot to hold your keys, shoes, spare change, and umbrella. There is also a space to sit down to tie your shoes. Hi Bench is made from Loll HDPE – a durable waterproof plastic, which makes it low maintenance as well. Great idea!


February 11, 2014


Plug Divider System by Estudio Ji gets a massive thumbs up from me. A rolling vertical unit that incorporates narrow slide-in shelves can function as a room partition or a desk accessory (or both). Perfect for zoning small spaces, the piece is light, both structurally and visually. I like how versatile it is. With the ability to support many different configurations, the Plug divider can be used virtually in any room. Designed by Jorge Frías Montes and Irene Zurdo Prieto. Made by hand in Spain.

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This unusual concept has been created by Vicky Gonzalez and Ivan Garcia of Monterrey-based creative firm Estudio Manifiesto Futura. The clever packaging for a book turns into a biodegradable sculptural planter. Designers used triangle wood chips and burlap fabric to create a shape, both flexible and stable. Here is how they explain their idea: “To design the object, we rely on materials that were 100% biodegradable. This gave us the opportunity to give another use to the packaging by making a pot. We managed to create an experience of surprise and satisfaction of the re-use of a functional object.” The packaging solution is a project commissioned by Design Week Mexico.


February 10, 2014


This witty idea belongs to Swedish designer Ola Giertz. The simplistic Clamp lamp, produced by lighting brand Oriva, can be attached to many different types of furniture easily. Inspired by a classic clothespin, the piece bears a familiar form and offers an equally familiar function. Just clamp it to any shelf or edge and let there be light.

(via design-milk)


February 8, 2014


- An amazing Hobbit inspired hotel in Chile.

- If you’ve seen the Mercedes chicken ad, you’ll enjoy this response campaign by Jaguar.

- Mind-blowing. An intricate replica of Boeing 777, made entirely out of paper.

- All the gold in the world, visualized.

- A gorgeous face paint animation (thanks, Heiner).

- Shape Boards by Bower. Wishlisted!

- This is for those of you who complain about NY weather – incredible photos of extreme cold in Norway.

Have a safe and pleasant weekend, folks!

February 7, 2014


Another coat hanger caught my eye this week. This multifunctional piece has been envisioned by Portuguese-born and UK based designer Gonçalo Campos. In the Wallmonds hanger he created a solution for keeping things at hand, in a simple and elegant way. The wave-like curves allow you to hang your clothes and accessories, and the frame can house your mail, phone, keys and other small items. The hanger is made from birch plywood and treated with natural olis. Sold here.