December 15, 2015


If you love tech as much as I do, you can probably also relate to the cordage problem. Cables and wires can easily dominate your workspace, if you don’t show them who’s boss. This clever product by Poketo allows you to do just that, without spending a fortune. Thanks to its grid structure and flexible nobs, this organizer can hold a wide variety of cables. And the adhesive back allows you to easily attach it to any surface, vertical or horizontal. Poketo organizer comes in a set of two and can be purchased here.




Glance is a cool take on a pegboard principle, created by designer Navid Akbarnejad. The sleek looking backboards are easily mounted on the wall and can house various attachments, anything from a cup holder to shelving and planters. Glance’s slotted design promises more stability than an average pegboard does. Watch the video after the break to see the product in action.



December 14, 2015


Remember Lumio? It is now available in a portable mini version, perfect for carrying it around and having your reading light with you at all times. It recharges from any USB portal, and can even charge your phone. A perfect gift for anyone on your list. Available for purchase here.


December 12, 2015

– Amazing project. Classical paintings 3D printed for the blind.

This ad has won Christmas! 

This desk organizer is beautiful (a great gift too!).

– What an awesome cure for urban depression – a tree-covered skyscraper.

– No matter what productivity tool I use, I keep coming back to TeuxDeux. Happy Anniversary to the creators!

– Fascinating. Birds saved centuries old documents in their nests.

– It is, indeed, a real product! Cat forehead-scented spray.

– Wow nature. Formation of ice on a seabed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody!

December 8, 2015

If you remember the Floyd Leg or Floyd Shelf, you will appreciate the idea behind this new project by the same creators – The Floyd Platform Bed. The principle of modularity and DIY exists here as well. You attach your surface to the brackets, and the piece of furniture is born. The Floyd bed comes in three sizes, king, queen or tween, or, you can only purchase the hardware and use your own surface material. The project is currently Kickstarting.


December 3, 2015


While prefab houses are rapidly becoming a thing, designers create more and more reasons to consider this type of living arrangement. I was really pleased to see this beauty by Australian company Archiblox, aptly titled Carbon Positive House. The building evolved from being just carbon neutral to producing more energy than it requires. It is achieved by tech, architectural, and gardening tricks, such as the buffer zone that allows the house to “breathe”, green roof for better insulation, vertical garden that also blocks sunlight, and more. This little building is a looker too, both inside and out. Very promising and exciting. See more photos after the break.


December 2, 2015


L Shelf is a clever modular storage component, created by designer Aurélien Veyrat of Objet Optimisé. These L-shaped units (hence the name) can be easily connected together to form shelving systems of various size. Here is how designer describes this product: “L is to storage what stone is to building: the original element, the basis of creation and the expression of modularity. Whatever your needs, L is the comma that punctuates space without limitation.” Lovely. See more photos after the break.


December 1, 2015


I am sorry to be late in noticing this project, for it has JUST been successfully Kickstarted (three days ago, massive self-slap). You know how your mental image of a perfect closet is always tramped by the harsh reality of not enough space, busy morning routines, lack of time and patience? I do. And that is why I am so delighted to see a system that can bridge this gap (and eliminate lots of stress in the process). ThreadStax is a magnetic system that folds, stacks and dispenses your clothes neatly and without any effort. At the heart of the system are slides that separate your clothes, featuring magnets to keep everything in order when you are searching through your wardrobe. And to make the procedure even more streamlined, there is a handy folder that makes the job done in seconds. Yay. If you missed the Kickstarter, ThreadStax is available for pre-order.



This small eclectic apartment has been designed by Taiwan based collective KC Design Studio. The owners are a couple of creatives, who work for graphic design and fashion business and collect toys as a hobby. This explains the multitude of open shelves and lighted displays throughout the place. Designers made a successful attempt to combine two different aesthetics: classic paneled closet and minimalist staircase, antique furniture and modern materials and fixtures, warm animalistic textures and concrete walls. I also love the clever use of levels: the railing becomes a desk, the space under the staircase creates privacy for the bathroom. See more photos after the break.


November 19, 2015


Corridor bicycle is a clever concept by Dutch design student David Roman Lieshout. He created a bike that is compact, easy to carry and store. “As cities are growing in popularity, housing is becoming increasingly compact and journeys more local,” – designer says. Corridor bike has a special semi-foldable frame, which allows you to press it flat against the wall and salvage those precious square inches. The project is in its developments stage at the moment, but you can subscribe for updates on designer’s website.