July 11, 2014


I’m always on the lookout for stylish pet furniture, and this cat house is quite a looker. Made from birch wood, it is open-aired and light. I also like the humorous aspect of it – a cat furniture piece that looks like a big fish. Restores the power balance in the pet hierarchy. The piece is designed by Korean designer Sang Nam-Park and available for purchase here.


July 8, 2014


Designed by David Manning of Not Just Chairs, Your Position is a bright idea for a home office, and here is why. It is adjustable and allows you to alternate between sitting and standing (points for your back health), it comes with various storage components that can be arranged in many different ways (points for modularity), finally – the system can be disassembled and stored flat (points for space-saving). And, if you need to shift gears completely, say, to entertain a group of guests, you can remove the desk and turn the station into a room divider. With storage. Yay.


July 7, 2014


This super small folding chair has been created by the young Polish designer Pawel Kochanski. Inspired by the compactness of the carry-on luggage, the chair is tri-folded to meet the dimensions. Here is how Pawel describes his idea:

“Main concept was to create a folding chair which size will meet hand luggage dimensions restrictions that are common for most of the airlines. Object after folding was supposed not to exceed dimensions 55x40x20 cm. To meet these requirements and at the same time make useful and comfortable chair, a lot of case studies were done. Developed way of folding may seem to be complex at first sight, but in fact it’s really easy and simple. Chair is rather light thanks to chosen materials and has a string which could be used to carry it like a bag. Mobility was also one of the issues for creating this chair.”

I also like the fact that this space-saving design doesn’t compromise function. Both the seat and the backrest are wide enough for support and the angle between them allows comfortable lounging.


July 4, 2014


This unusual project was a remodel of a 75-square-meter apartment in the center of Melbourne. The goal was to maximize sleeping areas for the occupants without giving up too much of the living space. Designers, studio Clare Cousins Architects, managed to do so while increasing sitting areas and storage. Here is how they describe the project:

“The clients, who were expecting a baby at the time, wanted to convert the only bedroom into two small bedrooms. Plywood joinery was used to define spaces rather than build walls. The child’s bedroom was sized to just fit a single bed between walls. The adults bedroom utilizes 3 colourful sliding screens which allow the room to be totally screened from the living room or opened up to allow the bed platform to be used as part of the living space.”

I love the little podium on which the adult bedroom resides. The steps also double as seating for the living room. The multiple plywood panels, while dividing the space into zones, also hide storage, which is never a bad idea in a modestly sized space. See more photos after the break for the full tour.


June 30, 2014


Eva Solo To Go Grill is a solid contender for the grilling season. The piece is compact, you can set it up on your balcony, in the woods, even on the beach. It has a handy strap that holds parts together for easy transportation. It even has handles that always stay cool, so you can move it around while cooking. The To Go Grill is made of enamelled steel with silicone handles. The grid is made of chromium-plated iron, while the strap is made of nylon. The coal bucket and grid are dishwasher-safe.


June 28, 2014


This old town in Morocco is covered in blue paint. Picturesque!

– If for some reason you haven’t seen this owl, balancing on the hand of the drawing owner, you should.

Surreal underwater photography. Amazing.

Minimalism, the documentary. I’ll be sure to watch this.

Award-winning gifs by Micaël Reynaud.

– Yes to this! The disciplined pursuit of less.

Have a lovely weekend, guys!

June 27, 2014


I am rarely this excited about a product. Fläpps shelving system from Ambivalenz is everything I have ever loved about space-saving furniture. Each module is a stand-alone shelf that can be combined with other Fläpps modules to become a wall shelving system. A unique wall mounting mechanism effortlessly permits up to 5 shelves to be stacked vertically. When unfolded, the Fläpps shelving system offers endless applications in the office, living room, kitchen, dressing room or entrance hall. And if you need to display a tall item or simply don’t need all this surface space (like that’ll ever happen), simply fold the shelves up. The piece comes in black and white and in various sizes.


This is one of those things that taunt you with the “why haven’t I thought of it” question. A stunning beautiful power cord, called oon, has been created by Los Angeles based studio Okum. Three electrical sockets designed to flex and rotate conform to different situations, allowing for all connections to be utilized and organized. Deliberately crafted, details in wood, metal, plastic and fiber compliment and complete one another. Available for purchase from designers’ website.

(ht swissmiss)


Living in constrained urban conditions is often a call for creativity. Take this beautiful minimalist house, for example. Located in Okazaki, Japan, the building is quite literally squeezed between two other dwellings. The initial footprint of the house is only 10ft wide and 69ft wide. But the owners, with the help of architect Katsutoshi Sasaki, managed to turn it into a serene oasis. And the airiness you see on the photos is not the result of sacrificing function. The house has all the necessities, like the kitchen, bath, toilet, living room, study space and bedroom. It also has a few luxuries, such as the terrace and indoor garden. Check out more images after the break. (more…)

June 23, 2014


If you can’t spear any space for sound equipment, consider this – Playbulb, a light bulb and a bluetooth speaker in one. It’s an LED lamp in a shape of a traditional Edison’s bulb paired with a sound device. It can be controlled by an iPhone app, playing music as well as illuminating the room. It can even go on and off automatically, which makes Playbulb a great sound sleep system and an alarm clock as well. I think I need one for every room. Available for purchase here.