March 21, 2016

These magnetic hooks and holders by Danish brand Reenbergs made me look. So simple and so useful. I especially like the bendable inside the sink cloth holder. It is easy to install, requires zero drilling, and you can move it around as you perform different tasks around the sink. Perfect for rental apartments. Available for purchase here.


March 17, 2016

Here is a notable Kickstarted that is already a go. The Edge kneeling desk is a portable workspace that you can store anywhere and pull up in seconds. A major win for small spaces! The piece can be used as a regular desk or an easel for artwork, and can accommodate most body sizes. The kneeling seat has been designed to improve posture and reduce neck, back and shoulder pain. Watch the video to see it in action. Pledge to get yours here.


March 15, 2016


Famed Japanese studio Nendo made a minimalist take on dog products, by creating an elegant, toned down, and yet very pet-friendly collection. Cubic Pet Goods line consists of a dog house, soft toy, a line of ceramic bowls, and a ball. Each piece corresponds to both the dog’s needs and the human’s aesthetic desires. “The majority of pet products for dogs are roundish and cute, – designers say. – However, they aren’t often suited to interior spaces with walls, floors, ceilings, windows and furniture designed mostly in a linear manner. With this issue in mind, pet products are designed with a variety of functions, emphasizing compatibility with interior elements.” These pieces are also great gifts to a design-conscious dog owner.


March 14, 2016


IKEA introduces its own take on the hydroponic indoor gardening idea. The KRYDDA/VÄXER series can let you grow herbs and veggies on your windowsill, with the help of a few simple tools. The process has four steps: first get the seeds started in the absorbent natural sponges, then transfer the young plants into the containers with water-resistant pumice stones, set them up under a bright light in the gardening station, and add water until your garden has grown enough for harvest. Done. I can’t wait for the product to hit the shelves. Watch the video after the break to see it in action.


March 11, 2016


Gravitational waves explained (wait for it!). Hilarious.

– Instant want. Sleek and compact paper scanner.

– Loved this article. The Jelly Bean Problem.

– These whimsical paper mobiles are spectacular.

True colors of ancient Greek and Roman statues. Eek.

Ice cube trays that freeze in just 10 min? Yes, please.

I’ve been playing with this app – Bosch VR. It’s terrifying.

– In Anxious Anticipation. Beautiful photography by Aaron Tilley and Kyle Bean.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Japanese studio Moku Woodware created the Desktop Stool. The piece is a laptop stand that can do several things: it holds your portable computer in style, frees extra space on your desk, and allows you to have a better posture while working. All and all, an impressive attempt at a more holistic workspace. The piece is especially useful if you are working with several items of tech at the same time. The Desktop Stool comes in two finishes, white basswood and brown walnut. Available for purchase here.


March 10, 2016


This clever and chic little apartment is a reincarnation of the awkward attic, redesigned by Prisca Pellerin. To maximize the space and make a good use of the natural light, the architect removed doors and created a unified flow between the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The only truly private spots here are the toilet and the small bedroom, which is minimalist and serene. The color scheme of the entire project explores combinations of white and grey, guiding the eye through different textures of the same two colors (another trick to visually expand the space). Check out the floor plan and more photos after the break.



March 9, 2016


Little things, if they are designed right, can make big impact. The Exclamation cup holder by CKIE is a soaring example. It is good for your home, office, desk, or even a baby high chair. It fits various-sized containers such as a standard cup with handle, juice boxes and cans, coffee cups, etc. Just clip it on, and the function is achieved. Great for holding small planters too. Or keys. You get the point. See the video after the break. Available for purchase here.


March 7, 2016


It’s easy to think that if we live in a tiny space, everything in it should be tiny as well. Not necessarily true. Take this planter, for example. Bigger than an average windowsill option, it stands on the floor and does require a bit of square footage (although, if you have room for a floor plant, you’ll have enough space for this planter). Think how much you can grow in it! Designed for a wide variety of herbs, fruits, and veggies, the Glowpear planter actually makes a lot of sense for the urban gardener. And, the best part, it waters itself. Just fill the reservoir, and you’re done. Watch the videos after the break, to see the piece in action.


February 29, 2016

This beautiful and eco-friendly concept from EBS Block made me look. Based on a lowly shipping container, these houses expand to accommodate comfortable and, I must say, quite stylish living. The principle is as simple as a murphy bad, only it contains an entire home. The building is folded inside a shipping container, which can be easily transported. It is opened via remote control using the integrated mechanical and electrical systems. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the process of opening or folding up your EBS Block home. As the opening process is fully automated, the assembling becomes extremely simple without the need for construction, thus reducing the cost of building a house of similar size by a faction of the cost compared to traditional methods. Very impressive idea. Watch the video to see it in action.