May 19, 2011

This cool children’s dresser by Peter Bristol has drawers that are shaped as their predetermined contents. Called Training Dresser, the piece comes in two gender specific designs. Beautiful, fun, promotes tidiness, made from all kid-friendly components… Here is how the designer describes it: ‘Like Dr. Suess and Pixar, the Training Dresser is for more than one audience. The informative drawers create an engaging dresser for kids and an iconic furniture piece for parents.’

March 7, 2011

Children’s furniture is an investment. I am yet to meet a parent who would not want the safest, prettiest, fluffiest items imaginable for the baby’s room. However, while no expenses are speared for accommodating your child’s needs and wants, the question remains – how to make these expenses count in the long run? This clever collection from Castor & Chouca could provide an answer. These pieces grow with their owner and transform from cutesy baby things into more adult items. Thus, a crib becomes a desk for a schoolchild; a toy cabinet goes under the work station in a form of a storage unit; and a child’s bed is transformed into a lounging sofa that would not embarras a socializing teenager. All pieces are eco-friendly and made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

March 2, 2011

Parents beware – this adorable thing might turn your house into the most popular sleepover spot in town. Designed by photographer Yusuke Suzuki, this portable bed, called Child’s Play, is built to delight, entertain and, hopefully, lul to sleep your precious youngsters. Complete with the mattress cover and duvet pages, this ‘book’ has the generous size of two twin beds put together. So, no luxury has been speared. And what a better way to plant the right idea into the future avid reader’s mind?..

Source: Snoop

February 22, 2011

These cute animal-shaped chalkboard stickers from Coco Boheme are not only fun, but also eco-friendly and reusable. Made from potato starch, they can be applied and reapplied many times. And once they finally lose their appeal, you can simply add them to your compost or discard them, knowing that they will biodegrade nicely after six months. These stickers come in several shapes, some can even be suitable for the grownup quarters. So, no matter who is writing on them, your children or you (or both), -  it is a guiltless fun.

January 2, 2011

Its name is Mons. It was created by the Spanish designer Romualdo Faura as an alternative sink for kids. Aside from its cool design, the piece boasts many child friendly features. The shape of the sink is ergonomically correct and allows a child to reach water and the soap dispenser more easily. The base is enclosed to prevent splashes; the absence of sharp edges makes Mons safe; motion sensors control (and therefore save) water. The piece is made out of Duralmond (biodegradable and recyclable crushed almond husks), an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Duralmond also allows for any color. Hence, Mons can be tailored to your child’s taste, no matter how capricious. And who knows, maybe it fulfills the ultimate task and makes washing hands fun.