January 4, 2012

These multifunctional bookends by young Baltimore based designer Nicole Runde are milled from solid cork, a rapidly-renewable and eco-friendly material. The pieces can be used as planters or pencil holders (depending on how green your thumb is). And because cork is a perfect bulletin board material, these bookends can serve as heavy duty organizers and hold notes, photographs, reminders and such. Each piece comes with a removable plastic insert that can be washed and reused. Sold at Canoe.

(via BLTD)


January 3, 2012

This idea is apparently so good, not one, but two companies had thought of it. Cubby by Materious (above) and Hooknook by Flip & Tumble (below) are variations of one clever storage solution – a hook that doubles as a small shelf. The item can fit any room and fulfill multiple duties around the house. Perfect for entry areas as a place to hang a scarf or a handbag and store keys at the same time, it will also work near your desk, in the kitchen or bathroom and hold small items or any kind. These little hooks with cubbies inside them are smart and unobtrusive. I also like that, thanks to the volume, they won’t damage coat collars or purse handles with sharp edges.

December 28, 2011

Here is one student project I would love to see becoming a product one day. Daniel To redesigned the way we look at common hangers. Instead of arranging them on a bar, as we used to, he suggests to attach them freely to a metal plate via magnets. Here is what he says about the project: ‘Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the same format over the years. Hangers usually consist of a styled wooden, plastic or metal frame upon which clothing rests, with a hook component at the top. Similarly, contemporary wardrobes often use a contained space with horizontal bar(s) upon which to place the hangers in a linear pattern. These hangers replace the hook with a magnet, accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangement and display.’


October 3, 2011

Some of you might remember the Bedpack by Eveline Borgermans I featured a few months back. Well, the similar product is now available in a store near you. The ubiquitous nature of IKEA strikes again. The bedside sleeve, called FLÖRT, allows storing books, iPads, remotes, glasses and all other nightstand paraphernalia. The item is made from durable polyester.

(via Lifehacker)

This clever modular coat hanger by Veronika Wildgruber (in collaboration with Susanne Stofer) is made of series of Y-shaped hooks, mounted on polyamide rope that is typically used for mountain climbing. Called Wardrope (witty!), the piece is suspended from the ceiling via included ceiling hook. It holds up to 30 pounds of coats, bags, or whatever it is you wish to hang. You can adjust the hooks to the hight you need by simply sliding them along the rope. There is a weight at the end of the rope, which keeps it under tension. Sold here.

September 23, 2011

The Scatter shelf by Nendo is a made out of thin black acrylic panels in a grid form, stacked in three layers and slightly displaced. The result is this rather stunning shelving unit where all stored objects look as if they are suspended in a spider’s web. When viewed on an angle, the glossy acrylic face creates a series of reflections within the shelves, making the ‘opaque’ acrylic appear to be transparent. All this aesthetic goodness makes the shelf perfect in any spot of the room, even in the middle of it as a room divider. Watch the video below for a closer look at the piece.

September 22, 2011

This minimal bookshelf was designed by Max Lamb for British brand Deadwood. The piece is nothing but a single bar of wire extended from the wall. But thanks to its U-shaped form on one side, it allows you to support and showcase your favorite book, which in turn serves as a bookend and keeps all other books in place. It is amazing what one cleverly directed piece of wire can do…

September 21, 2011

Filing is one of the most unavoidable dreads of life. So, it is always in our hopes to finish with it faster. The Up Filer from Westerville Design might just help you do it. This is a wall mounted vertical storage rack, which allows files and other flat content to always remain visible. The pivoting hangers provide easy access to each file and make adding and removing items a breeze. And because Up Filer allows storing oversized paper, it is perfect for graphic designers, architects, artists, teachers or anyone who has a need for filing differently-sized flat content.

September 20, 2011

Hanger Shelf is a bright storage idea from the Latvian design studio MAJO. It is intended for the small items that, instead of occupying space in your room, can now be stored away in the closet. Made from powder coated aluminum, the piece comes in three colors – black, white and light green. Smart stuff!

September 12, 2011

This wall bookmark by Es Collection made me smile. Such a simple way to make any avid reader happy… The piece is called Book Smart and can be mounted on a wall near your favorite reading spot — bed, chair, couch, wherever. The ribbon detail is a lovely humorous touch. You can group these colorful bookmarks together for a whole library. Who reads one book at a time anyway? Available at Sleek Identity.