September 12, 2011

This beauty of a desk by Leonhard Pfeifer was shown at the latest Maison et Objet Fair in Paris. The aspiration for the piece was “to look striking from any angle so it could sit in the middle of a room, instead of pushed up against a wall.” And indeed it does. The Ravenscroft desk features a cross-legged design, wide desktop, hidden cable access slots, filing compartments, and a raised rear surface, perfect for monitors, lighting and various odd objects. The piece has a pronounced mid-century modernist feel to it, which makes it work incredibly well floating in the room.

(HT 3 Rings)

September 10, 2011

K1, an innovative mini kitchen by Kitchoo, is the winner of this year’s Reddot design award. And there is a reason why. This hyper-equipped piece includes refrigerator, sink, two burners, dishwasher, garbage disposal and storage – all in one sleek sideboard. When all the components are tucked away – you will never guess that there is a full-functioning kitchen inside this tiny piece of furniture. Stylish, minimal and very clever. A godsend for studio apartments!

September 9, 2011

This conceptual daybed, called Holey Poley, is a thing of versatility. Its creator, Clinton Steward, is still a design student and developed this impressive concept as a part of a school project. The structure of the piece is based on the dynamic between poles and holes. The perforated upholstery pieces can be combined into various configurations and secured in place by the oak poles. Thus, you can easily create a traditional sofa, two chairs, a loveseat and more. Lovely idea!

If you are an eco-conscious typography geek, you will like this collection. The A Range by London based design company ByAlex includes a stool, side table and a coat stand, all of which are based around two interlocking ‘A’-s (hence the name). These A-shaped structures keep the furniture strong and stable. The pieces are highly adaptable and can play many roles around the house – occasional tables, plant stands, even mini-desks. All items are made from accredited birch plywood, which makes for a responsible eco-friendly design.


September 8, 2011

This small elegant desk from Omni+ deserves a mention for its smart storage solution. In addition to a traditional frontal shelf and drawer combo, the piece features a clever section on the back. It can be used to store away cables and cords (and we all know how unattractive those can be) or used as an accent if facing the room. Whatever the arrangement might be – there is no such thing as too much storage. The desk comes in high gloss white with walnut accents and sold here.


Swiss designers Luzia Kälin and Nicole Lehner created a clever solution for accommodating house guests called Stay At My Home. The kit includes all the basics needed for a comfortable night stay. These components are neatly stored within each other, which makes a lot of space-saving sense. The mattress is rolled under the nightstand, which in turn houses linens and a bedside lamp. The drawer can be removed from the stand and placed as a storage box within easy reach from the bed. The arrow-shaped rug completes the set. All pieces are lightweight, which allows the guest to move them around with ease. This design is kind to both receiving and visiting parties and perfect for a limited space.

September 7, 2011

Modular kitchens comprised of interchangeable components are perfect for small spaces. They can be tailored to any room, moved around to accommodate different cooking needs… The Cun kitchen from Joko Domus does all of these things, while being an aesthetically pleasing object as well. All pieces are highly customizable. You can add storage options, accessories, choose between casters and fixed legs. Pieces can be hooked together or function as free-standing components. Side panels are available in a variety of woods, Corian or stainless steel.

September 6, 2011

This colorful collection by London based designer Amy Hunting employs the power of gravity to generate storage. The Felt and Gravity line consists of a sideboard, storage box and a series of occasional tables. The tables can be stacked to create storage units of various height and configuration. All pieces feature pockets, made from 100% wool. These soft and flexible felt ‘shelves’ get their strength from the weight placed inside them. The items are also flat pack, which makes them easy to transport (or stored when not in use).

September 5, 2011

The Shifty desk / hallway stand reminds me of the Secret Stash project. This piece by Daniel Schofield is also a fine example of discreet storage. Schofield leads us to believe that the main storage compartment is the drawer on the front. But in fact the entire desk surface slides open revealing the hidden area, perfect for personal papers and electronic equipment. This sliding of the top also doubles the desk size and puts work area closer to the user. Many points for space-saving! And who doesn’t like the empowering nature of hidden compartments?

September 2, 2011

Quad is a building block that can be used anywhere in your house to create custom furniture. Designed by Dom Trapp, this modular system is brilliant when you need more storage (and who doesn’t). Bookcases, bedside tables, ottomans, consoles, coffee tables, side or occasional tables, under-desk storage – these are just the few possible Quad uses. Each module is laser cut from a 100% recyclable steel sheet, folded and enameled with environmentally friendly paints. The piece comes in a variety of colors.