July 22, 2011

A desk that grows with its owner – what a clever concept. The AZ desk, created by Lyon-based designer Guillaume Bouvet allows to adjust the writing surface to accommodate a child through his/her growth. Thus the piece can suit a toddler as well as an adult, which means you only need to buy one desk for your hard-studying offspring. The desktop can be flipped up and turned into a magnetic board. The entire workspace unit is made with three ply panels for added stability.

July 12, 2011

There is a theory that standing while working at the computer is good for our health. There is also a theory that the opposite is true. While this great egg controversy is taking place, young French designer Jérémy Guénolé created a desk that allows to alternate the two approaches. The piece, called Postures, features different levels and encourages movement, which cannot be bad for anyone. ‘Starting from different work situations of a creative, I drew a range of hybrid furnitures that comply with the concept of wellness.’ – says the designer.

June 20, 2011

Don’t we love when things are stripped of all the unnecessary details and reduced to their function?.. We also love when this design choice is reflected in the price. This minimal and inexpensive little desk (only $399) is a new addition to the Blu Dot collection. Comprised of only the essential parts, the Stash desk will fit in any space. The piece is available in graphite-on-ash or walnut / grey and sold at 2modern.

June 15, 2011

Dutch designer Reinier de Jong, in case you need reminding, is the person who gave the world this brilliant thing. His new creation, a neat little desk called DEX, is another example of functional minimalism. Small enough to fit anywhere in your home, DEX is a refined take on an old classic. The frame has a minimal presence round the seat for optimal comfort, the drawers can be pulled out completely to accommodate heavy load of paper or a printer, the ultra slim top (only 12 mm wide) consists of alternating layers of high pressure laminate and aluminum for extra strength and durability. Ethereal in its appearance and structurally strong, the DEX desk can be a perfect home office piece.

June 11, 2011

This minimalistic piece by Finnish designer Timo Niskanen was shown at the DMY Berlin festival this week. Called Change for more reasons than one, this coin deposit lamp encourages people to turn the light off after leaving the desk. Envisioned as a sustainable lighting solution for public places (libraries etc.), Change can definitely find its place in a private home as a symbolic reminder of our ecological footprint (and our electric bill). This clever and thoughtful design comes from Niskanen’s interest in human behavior and specifically, how it can take acount in design process. Here is how the designer explains his creative vision:  ‘We are surrounded with complicated and unnecessary things. I think a good product feels natural – it only bears the essential. A good designer creates an experience out of something simple and functional. An experience that is meaningful.’

June 2, 2011

This minimalistic desk is a new addition to the Milk series designed by Søren Rose Studio. In spite of its small size, the Mini Milk desk retains all the attributes of the initial concept – it is sleek, Apple-like and equipped with clever storage solutions. Automatically assuming that you are an Apple addict, designers gave you a slot for your iPad and two compartments that can house your iPhone, iPod or any other item that requires a charger. A custom color for the tabletop is available.


May 22, 2011

Made from recycled felt, the Dino table lamp by Deger Cengiz is both cozy and flexible. It is multifunctional as well. The base of the lamp can be used as a holder for various office supplies, snacks, loose change or even plants. Dino‘s neck is bendable in any direction, energy efficient LED light is bright and long-lasting… The piece was displayed at the Wanted Design Show during New York Design Week.

May 4, 2011

This minimalist Slope desk by Jenk is designed to eliminate clutter and distractions that come from working from home. Its angled top is ergonomically correct and allows you to finish your work faster. It also prevents things from piling up, forcing you to tidy them up right away. The built-in storage compartments allow you to put away your work when done, creating a physical (and psychological) barrier between work and play. The Slope desk comes with two wedges – one to level your drink, another to prevent your pens from rolling away. No frivolous add-ons, only the ones we cannot be without. Very disciplining!

This modular system from Crop, called Notebook, is a combination of desks and cabinets connected via holes and red rope. These fun connecting elements resemble notebook and provide a pleasing distraction from otherwise ordinary white lacquered wooden surfaces. You can also thread your cables and cords through them to reduce clutter. The holes alone can be used for lamps, screens, partitions and other accessories, specifically designed for the line. The system consists of various sized desks, as well as a bench, which can be used both for sitting and as a base for cabinets. All pieces are freely combinable and allow for many configurations.

April 19, 2011

Cords and plugs are the worst kind of clutter, if you ask me. They create unsightly piles under your desk, gather dust and become a Bermuda Triangle of unmanageable maze. Luckily Scott Wilson of MNML created something intelligent to deal with the whole cord situation. The Power Pod, produced by Coalesse, is an extension cord with six sockets, cleverly disguised as an innocent office accessory. Just open the base when you need to plug something in, and close it when you don’t. Thanks to its round shape the Power Pod can accomodate even the bulkiest adaptor, which is another reason to love it.