August 17, 2011

Can a hanger become a decorative element? Vilnius based designer Julius Bucelis argues that it can. His sleek and beautiful Hook hanger can serve this purpose aside from holding clothes. Thanks to its curvy shape, each piece can also be used as three hooks (hence the name). And when utilitarian duties are over, several Hook hangers can form a pendant. Triple function done right.

August 16, 2011

This multitasking object, called Scalo and designed by Benedetto Quaquaro for Cerruti Baleri, is not on a cheap side ($2,016.00). But it can do so many things! You can use it as a side or ocasional table, stool, shelving unit or a stepladder. Thanks to the hidden hinges, the transition is easy and seamless. Made from bent plywood, the piece features different colors on the inside. A durable stainless steal stop locks Scalo in both open and closed positions.

August 15, 2011

We, urban folks, love our bikes. And because the space is scarce in city apartments, we try to store them vertically, which means making holes in our walls. Well, not anymore. This brilliant bike stand from Public allows vertical storage without the nasty wall mutilation part. It has the easiest installation process imaginable. Just lean the stand against the wall, and gravity does the rest. The piece provides convenient storage for one or two bikes and works with the most bike shapes and sizes. Genius!

August 11, 2011

This mirror with the girly name Precious was indeed designed by two women – Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel, the creative duo behind the studio Les M. In spite of its minimal form, the object contains a lot of functional details. Its wooden frame houses cleverly hidden drawers and hooks for jewelry, cosmetics and other small items we, girls, like to have close to a mirror. The drawers come in a variety of colors, adding a playful touch to the piece.

August 10, 2011

Graphic designer Jack Curry made these brilliant (and orange!) bookends, called Biblio, for his own bookshelves. He also gained an instant fan the minute I saw them. As a typographically inclined individual, Jack initially searched for ready-made type-centric bookends. But after series of unexciting woodblock letters or “A & Z” bookend sets, he decided to make his own. ‘Using some off-the-shelf black bookends as a reference, I began figuring out how each letter would begin to look if used in the given framework, – says the designer. – After several different directions I came to the conclusion that the best solution would be to simply have the foundation of these forms contain both sides of the base, which would swing out in opposite directions; not unlike a gymnast doing forward splits.’ The first batch of letters (spelling out “READ”) were then produced from 16 gauge stainless steel and powder-coated in classic library orange. Beautiful!

(HT Typetoken)

August 9, 2011


There is a lot to like about this clever storage unit/home office from Myfab. It has that cool vintage 70s feel to it, its fold-up desk can generate an instant workspace when needed, it can also be put away when the work is done (extra points for space-saving). And it’s orange! The piece is made from MDF with high gloss finish.

August 5, 2011

Milestone is a clever minimal storage solution for those of us who park bikes indoors. Designed by Japanese trio Mile, the piece is made of marble and comes in custom sizes. Each made-to-order cube is fitted perfectly to a specific bike. And when you are not using it, Milestone can be displayed as a nice sculptural object or simply stored away.

August 2, 2011

If you are a cooking enthusiast – you will love SpiceCare from TableFare. The manufacturer claims to deliver everything we can possibly want from spice storage. And judging by the looks of the product, it was not an empty promise. I struggle to find one thing they haven’t thought of. The line features clever interlocking design, it is shelf and drawer compatible, each jar has a build-in spoon leveler. You can group spices and print your own labels… Watch the video to see the system in action.

An object isn’t generous enough if it only performs one function. And we, urban folks, living in tiny apartments, are especially in need of clever, multifunctional objects. Luckily designers are happy to oblige. Here is an interesting project by Hsiang Wang, called Complete Me, Please! and comprised of three pieces: a broom and dustpan / rubbish bin combination (my personal favorite), a lamp with an integrated fly swatter, and a coat rack with hooks that double as shoehorns.

Here is how the designer explains his vision: ‘Not all objects are easy to store as people might expect. People have no idea how to deal with some objects even though they are useful utensils. The aim of this project is create a series of objects related to the household environment which combine two individual utensils into a single appliance. Each must be bi-functional, pertain to a mutually beneficial relationship, and provide a home for the two component products.’

August 1, 2011

This chair is a looker. Beautifully constructed by Lyon based designer Petit Romain, the piece, called Chaise Leaf, has a fluid continuity to it. It also features storage under the seat. This elegant little shelf can hold a few books, periodicals, an iPad perhaps… Made in a variety of colors, Chaise Leaf can add a happy note to a room. And if you like to read while you eat (one of my vices), this piece can be a nice dining chair too.